How to find the url of a Youtube video?

If you are looking for a YouTube URL you either need to embed a video into a website or copy the link to paste it somewhere else. The you Tube URL moves around a lot and unfortunately the YouTube website changes often, and this article is partly out of date. Here is the new version: Find a URL of a Youtube Video

The URL (uniform resource locater) means the address to something on the internet. It could be a webpage, file, or a picture. In the case of Youtube, it is the address of where a particular video is located on the Youtube website.

Why do you need to know the URL of a Youtube video?

A year or two ago, no-one cared what the URL of a Youtube video was. However now everyone wants to know. This is because everyone is downloading Youtube video’s off the internet and for this we need the Url of the Youtube video. Another important reason why we need the URL of a Youtube video is to share it with others. Maybe you want to send a link to it in an email.

How to find the Youtube URL?

  1. Simply go to the Youtube Website at
  2. Search for a video that you want to get the URL for.
  3. See the screen shot below. There are two places to see the URL of a Youtube video. (Please note there is only one place to get the Youtube URL now).
  4. One way to get the Youtube URL is in the top address bar on your browser and the other is next to the Youtube video itself.

How to copy a Youtube URL?

  1. Select the URL by making it blue.
  2. Then right click your mouse on the blue part.
  3. A menu will appear. Choose copy.

Now you can paste the Youtube URL into an e-mail, into a word document, or into certain plug-ins for WordPress websites.

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Notes on finding the Youtube URL:

  • It is no longer possible to copy the Youtube URL from the beside the YouTube video

The url of the Youtube video is now located under the video on Youtube.


  1. Josh says

    I’m on a compaq laptop with vista, only 4 months old.

    You’re Info was accurate, thanks,

    Previously, I could click Share, the Link/URL for the Youtube video would show below it, Highlited in ‘blue’, I copied it & pasted into my Posts at my blog. It worked beautiful!
    I was delighted.
    As of late, when I click share, the Link/URL refuses to show . . ?
    Which is inhibiting including them in my Blog posts, so . .

    Is it Youtube who is blocking it to show?, or,
    is there something haywire with my laptop (i.e) do I have to clear the cache or something similar?
    Thanks 4 the help, Josh, 6/20/13

    • says

      Some videos are set with different privacy options. Also you might need to update your browser or java on your computer. You can also right click on the video and choose “copy video url” but if you embed just make sure it is allowed. :)

  2. thomas says

    how will you ever be able to go to the video when You dont know it’s URL already ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    this article doesnt make any sense at all.

    and you also forgot to mention that people have to turn on their computer before this works….

  3. Kimberly says

    If you’re using Windows and you want to find out the YouTube URL for a video, there are two ways:

    — Left-click on the link to a video, and it will take you to the video, where you can just copy the URL off the address bar; or
    — Right-click on the link to the video and click “Copy Link Address”, which will copy off the URL onto your clipboard (where you can cut/paste it onto a page or into e-mail).

    Of course, if your real question is “How do I get to the REAL URL where YouTube hides the real video so I can download it”, then I would suggest finding one of the many YouTube Downloader tools out there. Some are better than others. YT has pretty much gone out of their way to make it nearly impossible to find the actual video’s address on their servers so you can download a copy, but there are tools out there to do it if you’re determined enough to find them.

  4. P-Buzz says

    It seems something easy to do, but some time ago I could not find the URL. I thing, the article is very helpful and easy to understand. I am Youtube addict user and I found out I intereting tool ( to find videos in Youtube (highlight the word and CTRL + C). Enjoy!

  5. DSK says

    To be honest this article is funny. I wonder if anyone, who can switch on their computer and surf the web, don’t know that “address bar shows URL” & “URL is shown in the address bar”
    The URL, you are talking about, is not the URL of the video, but the URL of the PAGE that shows video.
    Would you please tell us how to find the actual, real, original, URL of the actual, real, original, video file itself (not the url of the page).

  6. katie says

    the new youtube doesn’t have the URL top browser, that’s what people want to know. If there is another way to get the URL of a video.

    • says

      Hi there Katie
      The url is the web address at the top of your browser.. It might look different or it might be hidden on your browser. It also might look different if you use Internet explorer, Firefox, or Google chrome…..

  7. Mitz says

    Do you mean the address bar is missing from the top or is it that you can’t copy the url?

  8. Mitz says

    Yeah Youtube is changing very quickly…Almost everyday. The url is just at the top in the address bar… Back to the normal place.