Find the URL of a Youtube Video

Do you want to find the URL of a Youtube video? In 2011 Youtube changed its website and now to find the video URL on Youtube, it is a little bit different than before.  Previously I wrote a post on how to find the Youtube URL, however now it is out of date and I have replaced it with this one.

There are many reasons you might want to find that Youtube URL. Some reasons include getting the URL to embed into a WordPress website, to download a Youtube video to your computer, or for sharing a html link with your friends. Finding the URL of a Youtube video is very easy now.

How to find the URL of a Youtube video?

1.  Go to any Youtube video that you want the Youtube URL for.

2.  Look below the Youtube video to see a row of buttons.

3.  Press on the share button.

4.  The Youtube URL will appear in a box. See the screen shot below.

5. Select the are Youtube URL by making it blue.


6.  Right click your mouse on the blue area and a menu will appear.

7.  Choose copy from the menu.

8.  Now you can paste the Youtube URL where you want to put it.

How to copy the URL of a Youtube video from the address bar?

As you can see in the screen shot below, if you are on a page where there is the Youtube video, the URL is shown in the address bar at the top of the screen.


Simply select the Youtube URL by making it blue, then right click on it, and select copy from the menu. See the screen shot below. See how I have made the Youtube URL blue.  If you are having trouble on copying the Youtube URL then please see this video on how to cut copy and paste.

How to get the Youtube url of a video at the current time?

Here is a cool trick! Go to a Youtube video you want the URL for and right click on it. A menu will appear. You can simple copy the video URL or you can copy the URL at current time. That means if you only want the second half of the video you can copy the URL at that stage.

Watch this video below to see how to find the URL of a Youtube video

The video below shows how to copy a Youtube URL. It also shows the difference between a featured video and the true video that holds the true URL.

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I hope all this information clears up your question about how to find the URL of the Youtube video.


  1. barry says

    had this problem twice: found a neat youtube, decided to download/save next day–it’s not there, tried every combination of titles, searched the youtube search pages; i know the website has a search engine that’s rather random for sidebars’ related you tubes; how can i do a more comprehensive search?

    • Kimberly says

      Hi, Barry:

      I do one of the following to make sure I save a video I see that I might want to watch again later:

      — Hit the “Like” button (this actually does 2 things: It saves the video to your “Likes” list, and it brings up a link that you can either cut/paste for Facebook/Twitter/Google+ or send in e-mail);
      — Hit the “Watch Later” button (this puts it into a temporary YouTube queue called “Watch Later” that you can use to hold video URLs you want to save for later viewing);
      — Hit my browser’s bookmark switch to save the current page in a bookmark (this will save the URL in your browser’s bookmark list, which is a longer-term storage you control).

      I also will subscribe to any video maker that I watch more than 3 videos from, which also makes sure I have some sort of record on YT that I watched this vid in case I want to watch it again (I can look it up from the user’s page).

      Still, sometimes uploaders will delete their vids, and even these methods won’t give you a second chance to see them. This is where I recommend finding yourself a good YT download tool (there are several out there) that will DL the actual Flash video that is behind that YouTube URL. If you see one you like, use the tool and DL it for future viewing.

  2. says

    I didn’t even know it changed.
    The theme I use already has a youtube video part integrated so I only need to copy/paste the url of the video I want to play.

    If you got a weekly blog and you want to make your post a bit cooler, you can add a music video in the top that is about as long as the reader would need to read your post. Then they can listen to the song while reading your post.
    This way you can set a mood. Of course you have to be careful with music videos that the youtube video doesn’t get removed.