How To Install Pngcrush The Easy Way

I always like to optimize images for my website before uploading and to tell the truth, I usually use the smushit WordPress plugin. Unfortunately I had a problem with the plugin and was looking for another alternative.

I downloaded Pngcrush but I personally had no idea how to actually use this open source program so I had to “Google it”. The information I found was not that helpful, that was until I found this page.

That tutorial was fantastic but I have reworded it to make it simple with full step by step screenshots.

1. First you need to download this ZIP file.


2. When your file has downloaded find it on your hard drive. Downloads usually go to the C:\Users\YourUserName\Downloads

3. Copy the folder and it’s contents to the C:\ drive where the windows folder is located. You can find this by going to the start menu, clicking on computer, then double clicking on C:/ drive.

4. Extract the download by right clicking on the file and choosing extract all. See the screenshot below.


5. Now you will have the pngcrush folder in your c: drive. See the screenshot below.

pngcrush install

6. Double click on the folder, then double click on the 2nd pngcrush folder. Then you will see the files as shown below.

7. Now we want to edit the shortcuts (there are two) to target the correct paths to start the program. Right click on one shortcut and choose properties from the menu.


8. At the moment the target says c:\pngcrush\pngcrush.exe -e 2.png%1 but it needs to be changed to the path where the EXE file is. So therefore, if you downloaded the file above and then saved it in c: drive and extracted it there, the path should be c:\pngcrush\pngcrush\pngcrush.exe -e 2.png%1 as there is a pngcrush folder with another pngcrush folder in it.

You will also have to edit the Start in section to suit. So change it to this c:\pngcrush\pngcrush


9. Press Ok when done.

10. Now edit the other shortcut file the same way.

Please note that these files can be stored anywhere. I have mine in C:\Users\Mitz\pngcrush and that is where my targets point to.

11. When finished editing both files, we need to copy them and then paste them into the SendTo folder.


Right click on the files and choose copy from the menu.

Go to the start menu, type in shell:sendto. Click on that result and the sendto folder will open.


Right click in the blank space and choose paste to paste the files there.

Now when you want to use pngcrush you only need to go to the PNG file on your computer, right click on it and choose send to, then choose pngcrush. An optimized PNG file will appear next to the original.

Watch A Video Tutorial Showing How To Install PngCrush


  1. Rick says

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