Free HTML Color Chart and Color Codes

If you are building a website then you might find the need for a webpage color chart that shows the color codes so you can change your CSS style sheet. I used to use HTML color charts all the time, however now I build websites using WordPress, and most themes have their own color chart included.

A webpage color chart is still handy in many other cases. For example you might be building a website from scratch using HTML code, or designing a WordPress theme from scratch. There are actually thousands of different colour codes and the shades of just one color can go into the hundreds.


Web page color charts resources

HTML colors are defined using a hexadecimal notation (HEX) for the combination of Red, Green, and Blue color values (RGB).

The lowest value that can be given to one of the light sources is 0 (in HEX: 00). The highest value is 255 (in HEX: FF).

HEX values are specified as 3 pairs of two-digit numbers, starting with a # sign.

Do you still use a webpage color chart?

HTML Color Chart Google Chrome Plugins

There is a free Chrome browser plugin called safe web color chart you can download and then you can access web color charts from a menu, without having to visit another website.

html color chart

Another handy Chrome Plugin for web developers is color space. This plugin allows you to:

Color Space – this is unusual color picker. Did you know that a lot of colors has its own names, such as “Peach”, “Khaki”, “Mountbatten Pink,” “Olive green Krayola,” and even those funny names like “Frog in a swoon.” This extension allows you to find the color of its name. Just imagine, in the database there is about 1000 colors! In addition, you can choose the color for the hex, rgb, hsv values ​​or by using the color tool, and extension at the same time you will pick the closest color name.

color picker

And what if you need to use a color picker to match a color that you have on your screen. No problem. There is a Chrome plugin called color picker.

Color Picker lets you pick the color you want and shows you the HEX values, RGB channels, hue, saturation and value. A great utility for any graphics designers or web developers, or for anyone who just really likes colors.