Finding the Best WordPress Theme for Your New Website

If you have a website or are thinking about building one then it is important to find the best WordPress theme for your website. I personally have many websites, including this one, that are all built using WordPress as it is the best content management system there is. In fact I have an entire website dedicated to teaching people how to build WordPress websites, however in this article I am just going to mention the best WordPress theme for you to use for your website.

One of the absolutely great features about using WordPress to build your websites is that you can install a WordPress theme any time you like. Although you have to customize and tweak each new theme, it is seriously easy to change the whole outlook of your WordPress website in minutes. There are many more valuable WordPress features but we will stick to the subject of the best WordPress theme.

How to choose the best WordPress theme for your website?

Most people spend hours searching for the best WordPress theme to suit their new website. This can be a huge waste of time and it could be time better spent adding content to the website, because after all, this is the main aim, to fill a website with content. It is no longer necessary to design a template or theme yourself as you do not require these technical skills to build a website. I always suggest you pick a theme, it might not be the best WordPress theme at first, install it and simply get down to business.

When choosing the best WordPress theme for your website, you can either choose a free WordPress theme or one that costs money. It really depends on the aim of the website. Are you making this website to make money, or are you simply making it as a hobby?

Paid WordPress themes versus free WordPress themes?

  • Paid WordPress Themes have loads more features.
  • When you pay for a WordPress theme you can get help and support.
  • If you buy a multiple website license you can use the theme on as many websites as you like.
  • Sometimes free WordPress themes have bugs and problems.
  • There is no definite support help with a free WordPress theme.

Free – Best WordPress Theme

Free WordPress themes can be very handy when you first starting out to build a website. Of course we know that there are many drawbacks with free themes but if you can’t afford a paid theme, then the free option is the way to go. Here are a few websites that offer free WordPress themes, however you can also go to Google and search for more.

WordPress Themes Base

Rock Kitty Themes

Themes 2 WordPress

Skinpress WordPress Themes

I do not use free themes at all now. There is no need as I have Thesis, Elegant themes and Socrates, which covers all of my needs.

Paid – Best WordPress Theme

There are so many great themes available that it can be a difficult job to find the best WordPress theme for your website. I have listed six possible options below, and I have personally purchased four of these. All I can do is show you these options because in the end, you are the only one that can choose the best WordPress theme for you. This is probably because when I bought elegant themes, it included 50+ themes so I did not have too continue buying a new theme for each website.

Thesis WordPress Theme

Yes I have this running on two websites. Here is a review I wrote about Elegant themes vs Thesis. I am actually running Thesis on this website right now. As you can see, it is very basic. But really, didn’t you just come here for information and not fancy graphics? I really think people appreciate less junk everywhere and more information.

Elegant Themes

OMG these themes are amazing. If you go and check out the Elegant Themes Website I am sure you will see something you like. the great thing is that when you pay you get access to more than 50 absolutely professional themes, not one or two, but all. I can recommend Elegant Themes for personal use or business. I know that you will find the best WordPress theme on their website because the designs are absolutely mind blowing.

Ultimate Theme

I do not have this theme but many top bloggers do. I probably would have bought this one if I didn’t already have the Socrates WordPress Theme.

WordPress Remix

I have this installed and it is absolutely fantastic but is difficult in some aspects. This is really for business websites. The customization is amazing but I personally gave up on it as there was too much detail. Sorry guys, great theme but too detailed for me to use for making WordPress websites for a living.

Socraties Theme

I have had Socrates for a while now and what can I say, it is great. It is especially newbie friendly as it slots ads in for you and basically many other things. If I was starting out I would definitely get this theme and start from there. The Socrates theme is a plain theme with amazing functions. You can customize it to make it look amazing, create squeeze pages and sales pages in seconds. Socrates also has an amazing conversion rate. Do not ask me why, but it just seems to make more sales than other website designs.

Click here to visit WordPress Review Theme.

If you are reviewing products with the aim to sell them, there is no doubt you will need a great theme like this to increase sales. This will work for any products you wish to sell and will make you look like a professional. People do not like to buy from nonprofessional websites. You will also need good WordPress hosting as this is just as important!

Finding the best WordPress theme for you is an important task for your website building business.


  1. says

    I was once a user of Elegant themes and what I can tell is that I wasn’t really amazed with them, when it comes to magazine style theme. I think they fall short in this category. Still, I love how professional their corporate themes look and they load pretty fast as well. By the way, for magazine themes, I go with Theme-Junkie. They offer much more versatile look.

  2. says

    Hey Mitz, I just signed up for elegant themes and thought I had to come back and tell you what I thought. It was so cheap for some lovely premium themes! thanks for much for the recommendation. I am so happy, just to be able to give my clients some more variety on theme choices. Thanks again and have a good one :)

  3. says


    I use Elegant Themes for all my sites. They now have about 80 themes to choose from. It was one of the best buys I have made in awhile, besides commentluv. Every client I get for Web Design pays a few dollars for the Theme, so I have made my money back ten fold, and have 80 themes to chose from for the rest of my life. I have not messed with Thesis or Genesis yet.

  4. Mario says

    Two that should be reviewed are authority pro and optimize press. I noticed you mentioned review themes for that I really like authority pro a ton it’s very robust, you can use it many ways, review sites, sales pages, squeeze pages. It has built in internal linking, plus built in seo.

    It does have a learning curve but if you have any experience with themes it’s one of my favorite themes to use for niche sites and product launch sites.

  5. Jay says

    Hi Mitz,

    I have always used Flexsqeeze, it is really easy to use and I absolutely love it. Any reason it didn’t make it on your list?

    Thanks – Jay

    • says

      Hi Jay..
      I have never used it..Thats why it hasn’t made the list..You can send a mini review to me if you like, I will add it in. :)

  6. says

    Thanks for this. Hopefully, one day I’ll be able to buy some of these fantastic themes. One question: if you have an established website – then upload a new theme, do you have to work on all the articles, pictures etc to make them show up properly? I remember uploading a different theme (Blogger) for my writing website a few years ago. It was a nightmare and I had to go through all of the old posts to fix them. I also lost a few things in my side bar etc.

    • says

      No it is different with WordPress. You will have to add your widgets back into the sidebar but they will be stored in a holding area at the bottom of the widgets page…Very handy… Also you can change your theme and if you do not like it, change back to your original and all will be back to normal… It is like pressing a easy!!