Make Money from Building Websites

Learning how to make money from building websites is not as hard as you might think. Back in the old days, it was almost impossible for an untrained Web designer to start making websites to earn money from. Nowadays we have many tools that can make it very easy to create websites. One of the tools that I use is WordPress. I now only build websites using WordPress because it is the best content management system available. You can have WordPress organize your content and you can upload a theme and make your website look fantastic, within minutes. This is definitely a user-friendly way to make a website.

I actually share all the gory details about how to build WordPress websites, as this is what I do, create websites that provide tutorials and education. I also share many ways to monetize your Website and make money online.

To actually make money from building websites, you need to make a few choices, as there are so many options available. Once you have become good at making and creating websites, you can then start to make money from it.

What do you need to make money from building websites?

  1. You will need to understand the difference between a free website and a self hosted website. Here is an article explaining which website hosting you should choose for your first website.
  2. You will need to know how to upload a website, and point the domain name to the hosting.
  3. You will need to know how to upload a WordPress website.
  4. You will need to know how to customize your WordPress website.

Here is a FREE PDF report showing you step by step How to build a website. The whole website will cost you about $100 if you can DIY.

If you use WordPress for building websites to make money, you would not really need to know how to do HTML code or P HP. You will also not even need to know how to design a website or arrange the layouts because WordPress does it for you.

Make money from building websites for local businesses

To make money from building websites for local businesses, you simply have to approach the local business in person and offer them your services. It is amazing how many businesses do not actually have a website. It is definitely time for them to wake up and get on the Internet. You can offer to build a basic website with a few main pages such as, contact us, about me, privacy policy, and a homepage. Then you can go on to offer larger packages. When using WordPress to build websites, you do not need to charge a fortune like some web designers. The days are gone, where a website can cost $5000 just to design. When you get good at building websites, they can sometimes take only a few hours to create, especially if you are handed the contents and photos to go on it.

After you have made a website for a business, you can then offer to maintain the website for them for a fee. You can also offer to perform SEO for their website as many people have no idea on how to get traffic to their websites.

Make money from building websites and reselling them

You can also make money from building websites that you think people might like, and then reselling them. People love buying websites because they do not know how to build them. This way of making money is really great for a creative person who can think outside the box. It is also great if you know how to research keywords and find a domain name that will attract a lot of traffic.

If you get really fast that making websites you can possibly sell them very cheaply and turn them over quickly. I know a person that makes for websites a day and sells them for a minimum of $50 each. Some websites go for $100. If you add that up, this becomes really great money!

I also recommend kids start blogging too as this is better than playing computer games or watching TV.

Make money from building your own websites

This is my favorite way to make money from building websites as this is what I do. I build websites that teach people how to do things and I do not resell them, but develop the websites into large businesses. I use WordPress as my content management system. This website is a perfect example. Often people do not understand how I make money from building a website. They do not realize that when you get a huge amount of traffic visiting your website, everyone wants to advertise on it. You can also create a profitable blog and then make money from Google Adsense advertising on your website and a thousand other ways.

How do you actually make money from building websites?

You have not idea how many times I get asked this question. To me it is obvious but to others it is not.

What I do is create websites that become popular and then place advertising on them. I get paid for that. I can also sell other peoples products and earn a commission. Here is an article on one of my other websites about how I make money online.

Notes on make money from building websites:

  • To make money from building websites, you need to believe that it is possible. I know that many people do not understand or believe that you can make money from building websites.
  • If you have no idea how to build websites I suggest you get a free website and start practicing. They are available and You can also add Adsense into

Please feel free to comment below and share how you make money from building websites.


  1. says

    I work for a development company that uses WordPress for a lot of sites and my TOP TIP for anyone from DIY webmasters to pros is to instal the latest version of Yoast SEO extension. Why? Because there is no point in building websites that will not be found organically!
    Hopefully I will not sound to salesy: people, trust me, just get it. Now. It is FREE and it really makes content managers pay attention to on-site SEO (the absolute minimum to gaining some ground in search engine results pages). It is dead easy to use, but has options for in depth analysis and suggestions – all on a per-page/post basis. Gold dust.
    Good luck! :)

    • says

      I totally agree with you about using Yoast SEO as it is awesome, no doubt! I use this on some of my sites to help with SEO and it is very easy to use.

  2. says

    An awesome article. Times has changed. Nowadays, you don’t need to be a graphic designer, or hire one (which con cost thousand of dollars) But you can get tghe word-press and just install it with the preferred theme. Most hosting co0mpanies, like hostgator, have this service available.
    Now to you can earn money from your site with Adsesne, or as an affiliate working with Clickbank or Amazon, or buy just selling space on your site for ads.
    If you are familiar with SEO, you can also get money for guest posts.

  3. Dr. Richard Stoll says

    Language is my forte so forgive my pickiness. Your site really needs help from a good proof reader – gramatical errors, typos and syntactical ambiguities. This is soooo common on the net which makes the really professionally created ones stand out and sell much better.

    Also, the floating dialog is really annoying – usually makes me leave the page.

    Just my rant. Ric

    • says

      Hi Richard
      I know what you mean by the bad grammar and errors. :)

      If I was to worry too much about how I write and about what other people thought then absolutely nothing would get published. Unfortunately the only way to feed the internet is to take action and deliver the content.

      I may not be good on the grammar side but I do know computers and websites. :)

  4. Bryan Ring says

    First thank you MITZ! I’ve learned soooo much from you in such a short-time, and soon you will see me splashing your name everywhere(I mean I already have it will take a little time for the search engines to pick it up)I hope that is OK? I know I’ve said this on your other site, but you really are a true inspiration to me personally! IDK how to say thank you enough without sounding like a skipping CD!

  5. says

    I am a newbie with Social media marketing and SEO. Building websites is something I am also looking into doing as content management systems like WordPress have made it a lot easier. I am trying to make time for it because I have so much on my plate already and Like Marty rightly said it is better not to take on too many projects at once.