Microsoft Word 2007 Mini Course Tutorial – Free Download

This Microsoft Word 2007 mini course tutorial is a collection of how to articles from this website. It has been package for you to download to save on your own computer and use as a handy resource.
Microsoft word 2007 mini course

Here is a list of the contents of this Microsoft Word 2007 mini course.

How to navigate through menus in Word 2007 3
How to open a new blank document? 7
How to add a table to a word document? 9
How to insert a page border into your document? 11
Change UPPERCASE text to lowercase in Word 2007 15
Select all text with a similar format style in word 2007 document 19
How to save a picture, logo, or clip art from a word document? 21
How to make headings and titles in a word 2007 document? 23
How to link to a heading, title or bookmark in a word 2007 document 24
How to make a bookmark in a word 2007 document? 26
Add shortcut icons to your Quick Access toolbar in Microsoft Word 2007 29
How to save a word 2007 document to be compatible with Word 97-2003 32
How to enable or show the developers tab in Microsoft Word 2007 34
Add a video or to word 2007 and convert it to a PDF 37
Enable the Acrobat reader embed video icon in MS Word 2007 42
How to customize a bulleted list in Word 2007 44
A Shortcut to Insert Horizontal Lines In Word Documents 47
Word 2007 keyboard shortcut to count words in a document. 47
Extra Word 2007 tips 48
How to embed a YouTube video into a PowerPoint Presentation 49
Embed Youtube video into a PowerPoint 2007 presentation CD. 54
How To Make Microsoft Word The Default Program 58
Change your paper size to Letter size instead of Legal in MS Word 62
How to Write Text on a Picture in Word 64
How to make an anchor text link in a Word document? 66
How to Remove an Added Word to the Dictionary in Microsoft Word 68

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  1. Agbolosu Daniel says

    I’ve tried several times to download the .pdf, but receive an application error message.
    why? and can any one help me?

  2. Alan Nixon says

    Regret I was unable to download I got no response when I clicked on the download link.

    • says

      Hi there,
      When you press on the download link another tab or Windows for the Internet will open. It will take maybe 1 min or 2 min for the PDF file to show on the screen as this is your downloading time. So therefore when you press on the download link look for another window that has opened and wait until you see the PDF appear. Then there is a little icon at the top that you can press. It looks like a little square disk and this will let you save the PDF to your computer.

  3. Richard Detwiler says

    I’ve tried several times to download the .pdf, but receive an application error message each time that memory can’t be read.
    Any advice?