How To Write Text On A Picture In Word

Back in the day when we wanted to let the world know who we thought was a “dork” or “homewrecker”, we’d break out the Sharpie and let our hands go wild on our yearbook. Nowadays, with digital cameras and the Facebook revolution, it takes a few extra steps to write “looser” on somebody’s virtual noggin. I always wondered if people knew they spelled loser wrong or in fact meant to call that person looser than something but I digress. I am not suggesting you go out and de-face peoples pictures because I think there are laws against this now but if you would like to add text to a document I can help you.

In Microsoft Word, it’s definitely possible to write on a picture and in fact there are a couple different ways you can go about doing this depending on your intentions:

If you want to make flyers to pass out around town with your exes private phone number on them, first set the picture as a background image and then change your font color and size and you’ll have a full-page printout to write on.

How to insert a picture as a watermark in your document?

1. On the Page Layout tab, in the Page Background group, click Watermark.

2. Click Custom Watermark.

3. Check the Picture watermark section, and then click Select Picture button.

Word background picture

4. Select the picture that you want, and then click Insert.

5. Where it says Scale,click the drop down arrow to choose a size for your picture.

6. Put a tick next to Washout if you want to lighten the picture so that it doesn’t interfere with text.
The picture that you selected is applied as a watermark to the entire document.

If you want a more subtle, smaller insult or not even an insult do this:

1. Go to the Insert tab and click on the Picture icon.

Insert a picture

2. Browse for the picture you want to put into your document.

3. When the picture is in your word document right click on the photo and select format picture.

Text on a word picture

4. You’ll be presented with the option to change the layout to behind text.

Move picture behind text

Now you can move or resize your picture to correspond with the text already on the page.

If you need to rotate or alter the direction of your inputted picture:

  1. Select File in the top menu
  2. Choose Page Setup
  3. Now change your setting to Landscape.