Remove Fast Access Facial Recognition From Your Dell Laptop

I just purchased a [easyazon-link asin=”B005MJARNE”]Dell Studio i7 Laptop[/easyazon-link] for my daughter and while testing it out noticed how slow it was running. It was running even slower than our old core duo Dell laptop we had running next to the new one. The new one had Windows Seven and the older one had Windows Vista. Let me tell you I was not very happy. Buying a new top of the range laptop, bringing it home, and discovering it ran as slow as a tortoise in mud. Obviously I knew how to solve this but it was the hassle that upset me.

New computers and laptops are full of trial software and cool features that hog cpu resources. One of the main offenders was the Fast Access was facial recognition software. This cool feature was scanning my face to see if it recognized me so it could log me in without typing a password in. Well besides not actually recognizing anyone, it slowed the computer down to the extent of me saying, “why bother?” Why have this feature in the first place?

How to remove Fast Access facial recognition software?

1.  Go to the start menu and choose control panel.
2.  Go to Programs and Features or Programs. This is the equivalent of Add or Remove programs in Windows XP.
3.  When it is open find the Fast Access software in the list of installed programs. See the screen shot below.

remove fast access

4.  When it is selected choose the uninstall icon at the top of the list.

4.  The Fast Access Setup Wizard will appear. Press next. See Screen shot below.

5.  In the next window choose the Remove option. See below.

Dell facial recognition

6.  Now you will have a choice to leave configuration files or remove them all. If you plan to not re-install this program you can remove all files.

7.  Then press next.

8.  Now press on the Remove icon.

After this process I restarted the computer and the speed of the laptop improved by at least 20%. Later I removed other trial software and stopped at least 6 programs in the start up section in msconfig.


  1. Bet says

    Just followed your steps to uninstall face/recog and now windows 7 will not accept my password? Screen on my dell touch screen is showing blank for password but every time I enter it spins and then comes bk…. Help

    • says

      Hi Bet.. If you have followed my instructions above to remove the program correctly and something has happened then I suggest you contact the manufactureres of this software. Here is the email.

      The instructions above are pretty standard for removing a program so I am not sure how you got this error.

      One thing you could try is to reboot the computer and press f8 to get to the advanced boot menu. then choose last known good configuration to see if that works.. You can also start in safe mode. Then shut down correctly and try rebooting again.

  2. Teri says

    Hi Mitz – Thanks for the help. As a supplement to your directions, I have Windows 7 Professional. When you get to Step 4 of your directions, your options are “Change” or “Repair” – Uninstall is not an option. Just click on Change and the Fast Access setup wizard pops up. At that point, continue on with your directions. I have had Fast Access for a while now and, while I liked the idea of it and the convenience, it just took too long to recognize me. I’d have to have the light just right and move my head around until it got to just the right angle. The last straw was some sort of glitch or virus where it would turn the camera on randomly. It was kind of creepy, sitting here working and having the camera turn on for 10 or 20 seconds, then turn off. I don’t know if it was a camera thing or Fast Access, so I just disabled the camera and decided to get rid of Fast Access. Also, my 75 year old father got a new Dell and bought Fast Access, which he was pretty excited about, but this newer version was nothing but trouble. He contacted Dell several times trying to set it up and they were giving him really weird directions, like telling him to touch his nose and stuff like that. He abandoned it too.

    • says

      Hi Teri
      Thanks for the updated steps. It is also interesting to see why this annoys other people. It sounds like you have far more patience than me. :)

  3. Anthony says

    I have a Dell Desktop and the FastAccess Facial Recognition it recognize my sister and i want to change it so that it could recognize me. Can you please tell me what can i do to fix it. Thank you

  4. says

    I get what Dell was thinking, it’s a really cool feature/gimmick…..if it worked well.
    There is something that computer manufacturers can learn from software pirates, I don’t know if you are familiar with these pirated versions of windows that are as lean as possible and when installing it you just get a big menu with all these programs and functions and you just check the box of each program that you want. With a little explanation next to it so you can ask yourself “do I really need this?”.

    It’s nice that they give us these extra features and trials, but don’t force them on us.

  5. Flick says


    @ Mitz. Thanks for the tutorial, was very helpful. At the end you said there were other programs you removed that helped, I have an inspiron and wazs wondering if there was anything else I could uninstall that would help.

    Thank you

    • says

      Yes I always removed the trial programs as they are always trying to annoy me and slow the computer down. Also I like to remove any extra Dell software that is already there, like the extra web cam toys and so on…

  6. Jajat says

    Great tutorial, clear and easy. Could be useful for anyone experiencing the same problem. Thanks Mitz, you have helped me, solve the same problem.

  7. Jaker says

    I purchased a top spec “Dell Inspiron 23” Touch” computer from Dell about the top of the year…& two things infuriate me about it (because it’s supposed to be their flagship model, that’s getting 10 out of 10 in reviews on the web) & those two things are it’s lousy Dell keyboard a piece of rubbish is more what I’d call it, & “Fast Access” a thing so slow & most times that doesn’t work the fellow who came up with the word FAST for it should be prosecuted under the “Trade Descriptions Act”.

    Now, let me explain, I turn the computer on and this webcam square box looks back at you over your sign in name. Thirty seconds later it is still setting up & I always wait a bit just to take pity on it…I mean in life you always give the slow guy a little hand to catch up with you…& then when it does seem ready, I have to touch the screen & say, “Hello, anyone in there”? & as the little green square box-man pops out I then say “Oh good, I ‘m here, no, over here…looking at you, no, not over there, here, I’m here”. Oh God, here we go again, we’re…I mean you’re not doing very well…are you? I’ll tell you, “I’ll wave or maybe I’ll make faces at you or maybe I’ll “Scream” the block down. But no, I’m not a violent man so I sign in & as I look down to sign in, it catches my hair piece not that I have a wig mind & we’re in, before I have finished signing, it seem to let me in by seeing the top of my head. But since I got the computer it has only worked twice, in the six months & that’s not counting all the times the computer is rising from sleep.

    So if you’re buying a Dell? Demand you get a policeman from them and mesh him into your screen & let him wave you in & do also demand that you get an answerable keyboard that will obey your commands & not a twiddly little (lose your temper with) bit of cheap plastic that doesn’t know it’s CAPS from it’s uncaps. I mean the computer cost enough already not to deserve to get (EVERYTHING) as classy as the major money one spends on it. So don’t say you haven’t been warned.

    PS. Other than that, it’s a very good computer.

    • says

      I have a few Dells and I do like them…I understand your frustration though! LOL
      I also have a HP laptop now and it has a computer maintenance program that drives me crazy. Haven’t had time to disable it yet!

      These laptop manufacturers are trying to provide something to their customers that is not needed and in most cases proves to be annoying.

    • Darin says

      Hi Jaker. I’m sorry to hear that your experience with FastAccess has not been good. I will say that in my experience (working with thousands of users in my capacity as head of tech support) that your observations are certainly not typical. The learning algorithm allows FastAccess to recognize users quickly and in many different conditions (lighting and otherwise).

      If you wouldn’t mind, I would like to work with you directly to examine your setup more closely. Please contact me at your convenience at . I look forward to chatting with you soon.

  8. Arash says

    I removed the program successfully but i need to know is there any way to remove the fast acceess icon from windows vista login screen because its still there
    tnx for ur help
    i extremely recomend to do not use this software
    this software made a hell for me on all my applications that i need to use my webcam and even now after removing the program i still have problem with some of my application….

  9. John says

    Sorry for the typo, I meant to say that I did not leave any contact details in my previous post; yes, please feel free to contact me. Cheers

  10. John says

    I am impressed – MASSIVELY impressed by the response of Sensible Vision to my comments!

    Just as I promised to report back to anyone following this thread, these guys, though a small company can surely performed on the big stage – they proved that they are small enough to help individuals and big enough to service large corporations.

    Against some posts that I have read in some forums (and I hope I can still find some of those) about the merry-go-round customer service of Dell & Sensible Vision over their product – FastAccess, I can confidently say that those reports are not true, because they ACTUALLY CARE about their customers.

    I was surprised that they took time to respond to my comments on this blog and responded to sort my problems out. They helped me to get the software re-installed on my PC.

    I have also seen a few comments that the software slows down performance, well mine has not been slowed down in any way, I may even say that it works perfectly as described.

    These type of companies (Sensible Vision) who care about their customers should be patronized.

    The bottom line is, would I want to buy another Dell – Not quite (after some 12 years of loyalty to Dell). Would I want to buy/use software from Sensible Vision – Yes! Yes! Yes!

    If you need proof that I am genuine customer (in UK), feel free to contact me and I’ll prove it.

  11. John says

    Ok. I will send an email to your support team.

    Should anyone else be following this thread, I can assure you that I will post a feedback – good or bad.

    Even though I had given up on trying to use this software, but I guess Darin is issuing a public challenge of setting the record straight about his company!

  12. Darin Beery says

    Hi John. No – no conspiracy between Sensible Vision and Dell. Although it’s contractually Dell’s responsibility to provide end user support (we’re just their vendor and lack the massive support infrastructure that they have), Sensible Vision none the less routinely helps everyone who reaches out to us. Far from “making more money” it’s actually VERY expensive for us to do so, but we genuinly want people to have the best possible experience with our software.

    Have you written to us by email with your concerns? We have several publicly available email addresses on our site for this purpose. If you have then you should have already received a response from my team. If you have not then please do so.

    Also just FYI – if I’m thinking of the same blog that you are that claimed a merry-go-round tactic between SV and Dell, I tried to post several comments indicating that we ARE, in fact, more than happy to assist customers but those comments were never published for some reason. 😉

  13. John says

    Hi Darin,

    I have heard that this is like some tactic between Dell & Sensible Vision to extract as much money from customers – if this is true, it’s unfortunate. Why do I have to be thrown back and forth between your company and Dell? If I show you proof of purchase, is that not enough to get help from you? I am not happy about this merry-go-around. If you want to help your customers, here we are instead of sending us back & forth. Thanks.

  14. Darin Beery says

    Hi John. Indeed it has not only stood the test of time but is now installed on well over 3 million machines including in some very high security areas such as hospitals and banks.

    I’d also like to update the FAQ links that I provided earlier. The link I provided earlier is now gone as we now have a much better system:

    The current version of FastAccess depends on where you bought it originally. The Dell version is on 2.4.95, Alienware is on 2.4.96, our own direct sale version is on 3.0.64 as is the version available through Logitech.

    Re-installing is simply a matter of re-running the installer file and rebooting. Assuming that you’re a Dell customer and need a new installer, see this FAQ:

  15. John says

    Hi Darin,

    I had a similar problem and deleted my own software, too. But if you say this software has actually passed the test of time and it’s okay, then which is the current version and what is the easier process of re-installation?


  16. Darin Beery says

    Thank you very much for the opportunity to continue the conversation. As I’m sure that you can appreciate about any highly sophisticated software, a trouble-shooting guide of any real use would be very much out of scope for a blog comment. Trouble-shooting, when necessary, is always best done in the context of a specific system and/or symptom.

    I would, however, be happy to offer a link to our very comprehensive FAQ. It contains highly detailed information on nearly all asptects of FastAccess functionality, error messages, and even some basic trouble-shooting. Here’s the link. Thanks!

  17. Mitz says

    I would love it if you could write a post for us about troubleshooting this software or things that affect its operation.

  18. Darin Beery says

    Understood and thanks. Without further detailed information then, I will simply say then that I believe your experience to be highly atypical. FastAccess was originally used (before being offered to consumers) in hospitals and banks….in other words on some very old and slow machines. Efficiency and speed were keys to its success from the beginning.

    In the extremely rare instance when I have noted a system performance effect, it’s often been traced back to the camera driver (which is in use at the same time as FastAccess of course), not FastAccess itself.

    If you see this software on another machine, I would be happy to communicate and work with you further to address any questions or concerns.


  19. Mitz says

    Hi Darin
    Thanks for your comment. Unfortunately the laptop had a few problems that I did not have time to troubleshoot. I did purchase it new from a retailer and I suppose it is considered a high end product. I am sure the FastAcces software is great; however in this situation I had to act fast as my daughter wanted to use her new laptop.

  20. Darin Beery says

    Hello Mitz. Thank you very much for all your reviews and tips. I wanted to comment here in order to offer my help and assistance. I work for Sensible Vision – manufacturers of Dell’s FastAccess software.

    I apologize for any inconvenience and would like to work directly with you to trouble shoot any issues. FastAccess is specifically desinged to be VERY lightweight and highly functional (it’s actually a premium paid option on all but the higher end Dell systems). If your experience is different, I would like to help to determine why. It could be an out of date camera driver, out of date version of FastAccess or something else entirly. Please feel free to write to me directly at so that I may assist further.

    For anyone else with recognition questions, I would refer first to our FAQs – the first section in particular.


    Sensible Vision Support