Control Windows Updates in Windows 7

Windows Updates are by default set to automatic updates and these updates are essential for the smooth running of your operating system, therefore we need to control Windows Updates. These updates include new versions of device drivers and also Windows updates and security patches. Making sure Windows is up to date is definitely part of a strategy for protecting your computer from unwanted invasions.

You may have seen that after installing your windows when you run some external devices to your computer such as Mouse & External Hard drive, it won’t work properly. Windows update will find suitable drivers for your devices & peripherals.

How to Control Windows Updates in Windows 7?

The answer to this question is very simple. What you need to do is go to the Windows Updates settings and change the settings  to suit your requirements.

Below I have mentioned some steps which will help you decide how to control windows updates which will allow your computer to be up to date without you having to manually do this yourself.

Control Windows Updates

Step 1: Go to Start & click on the Control Panel option.

Control Windows Updates

Step 2: In Control Panel click on the Category drop down box to select Large Icons for getting Windows Update option.

Control Windows Updates


Step 3: Click on the Windows Update option to configure your windows update settings.

Control Windows Updates

Step 4: You can simply Check for Updates if Windows Update show you this type of Screen.

Control Windows Updates

Step 5: Otherwise Click on Change Settings & do the changes you wish to have for your system.

Control Windows Updates

After clicking on the change settings option it will show you the type of window below mentioned.

Control Windows Updates

Step 6: Here you can Choose how to change your windows update manually.

Control Windows Updates

In Important Updates click on Install Updates Automatically (Recommended). Also tick mark on the check boxes mention below your Important Updates.

Control Windows Updates

Step 7: After doing all the stuff you can also Set Time & Day when you want your windows to Update windows automatically.

Control Windows Updates

Click on Ok & It’s Done.

Now your windows will automatically download updates for your windows when you’ll be online. This way you can keep your Windows up to date and this is probably a number one basic computer tip to follow. In most of the cases we find out that people are not concerned about updating their Windows despite of the fact that Microsoft provides critical security patches in these updates. Further more there are different software updates which helps in better performance as well as efficiency. But above all of these updates, there are different security patches provided by Windows to stop hackers from entering your PC.

If you are not updating your Windows, then you are using half of the services provided by Microsoft. So just go through these simple steps and keep your Windows updated for a better user experience. Learning to Control Windows Updates will ensure you have your computer maintained to an optimum level.


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    what trouble were you facing Trishia?

    this is a great tutorial as controlling updates on windows PC is a must specially for those users who have a Pirated copy of windows on their PC..

    • says

      Yes you are right
      People with illegal copies of Windows like to disable updates. But its not worth the hassle…Invest in a copy of windows as it lasts for years!

  2. says

    Thanks for this tutorial. I usually just let the update show up on my screen before I do anything. I have noticed that my laptop begins to get really slow, just before the update shows up. Doing this can speed it up for me, with no slow periods in between.