How to burn a Cd using Windows XP

Windows Xp has its own built in Cd Burning program that is available to use when ever you need it. All you have to do is put a blank cd in your drive and this box on the right will appear. Choose to open writable CD folder using Windows Explorer. Then all you have to do is simply drag and drop a file into this area. If this box does not automatically open there are other easy ways to write files to your CD.

Simply right click on the files or folder you wish to burn to a cd and Choose send to and then choose your cd drive. Pictured below..

I have right clicked on the My Pictures folder so I can backup my picture files easily.

Free computer help - how to burn a cd with windows xp

If the writable cd folder closes and you have added files or folders to be written to cd a balloon will appear in the bottom right corner reminding you that files are ready to be written to cd. If you click on this balloon it will show the writable cd folder and the files you have ready.

Free computer help - how to burn a cd

If the balloon disappears and you want to see what files you are adding to a cd, simply open my computer and press on your cd drive there.

Simply choose to write these files to cd in the left menu which is under the heading of CD writing tasks. If your disk is not full, you can add more files to it at a later date. Shown in the picture below..

I have 3 folders on the cd that I had burnt to the cd about a month before, now I am adding a few more.

Free computer help - how to burn a cd

You can also keep adding files from anywhere on your computer. You can fill a normal cd to about 700mb and a DVD can hold 4.7gb of data..

When you decide to actually write the files to a cd a cd writing wizard will appear. You can name your cd (not necessary though) and press next until it starts to burn…


  • When you insert a blank cd  into your Cd burner a Windows dialog box will appear. Here you can choose the Open CD folder using Windows Explorer. It will open a cd writing dialog box where you can drag and drop files into it to burn to cd.
  • There are so many different types of Cd burning Software. But why no use something that you already have.
  • This is a great tool to use to backup your files to Cd.


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