How to customize the taskbar and start menu

Your taskbar and the the start menu are one of the most important features in Windows. Both the taskbar and start menu give you easy access to installed programs on your computer. In this article I will show you how to customize your taskbar and start menu settings. There are so many options for customizing the taskbar and the start menu, that I will just show you some basics.

First right click on the taskbar and a menu will appear like the one below. Choose Properties.

start menu

Then a box will appear to allow you to change various settings for the taskbar like auto hiding the task bar. Try that first. Click on auto-hide the taskbar>then click apply and ok. See what happens.

taskbar and start menu

Try something else now. Click on the tab for start menu, then click customize.

customize your taskbar-Free computer help -

Then a box appears that looks like this. Choose advanced tab.

customize taskbar

This menu gives more choices like: I can display my pictures folder in the start menu as a link, a menu, or not display it at all.

taskbar and start menu

The best way to learn is to try it for yourself. Just be careful if you are going to hide folders from the start menu because you may forget how to put them back!!!!!