Hide a folder on your computer from your children

This is a simple little trick that could save you from a big headache when your children delete that very important folder by accident.

Here’s how to hide a folder

  1. Open Windows Explorer by pressing Winkey and E on the keyboard.
  2. Browse to the folder you want to hide.
  3. Right click on it and a menu will appear.
  4. Choose properties from the menu.
  5. Put a tick in the box that says hidden.
  6. Press apply.
  7. You will be asked if you want to hide all subfolders that are in the main folder. Choose to apply this to the folder only. See Notes below..
  8. Your folder will now be invisible. 

How to view your invisible hidden folder

To see the folder you just hid you need to show hidden files. To do this, you need to follow a few more simple steps. Here’s how to show hidden files.

You can also type the path to your folder into the address bar at the top of Windows Explorer. For example if my folders name is Lawn mowing stuff and is in My documents the path would be C:Documents and Settingsyour user nameMy DocumentsLawn mowing stuff

Here is how to find the path to a folder or file.


  • Copy the path to your folder before you hide it. Here is how to find the path to a folder or file.
  • The easiest way is to get to your folder is by typing its path into the address bar. Showing and then hiding files and folders every time you want to use it is impractical.
  • Don’t hide all subfolders in your main hidden folder. Therefore when you type your path in to access the folder, you will be able to see the sub folders that are in there.

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  1. says

    That is a very smart trick.
    I don’t have to hide anything because I am the only one using this computer.
    But I would’ve loved knowing this trick when I was still living at home and felt the need to hide certain video files on my computer 😛