Create a desktop shortcut to open Windows registry editor (regedit)

If you are like me and always accessing the window registry to edit it , then you really need this shortcut on the desktop. You can even create a desktop shortcut to the registry editor and then add it into your quick launch toolbar or drag it to your Windows seven task bar. If you are not an experienced computer user then you would not need to know this little trick as it is never good to edit the registry.

Advantages to having a desktop shortcut to open the Windows registry:

The usual way to get into the registry editor is to go to the start menu, open the run dialog box, then type in regedit, and finally press enter. Then you have to search in the registry for what you want. Why would you do all that when you can simply click on a icon on your desktop or even have the registry editor icon in the quick launch toolbar.

How to create a desktop shortcut to open the registry editor:

  1. Go to the blank desktop and right click for a menu to appear.
  2. Choose New from the menu.
  3. Then choose shortcut.registry edit - File extensions not showing
  4. Now we need to type an item location or browse for one.
  5. Type regedit and then press next.
  6. Now type a name that you want to call the shortcut. For example regedit.
  7. Then press finish and your shortcut to the registry editor will be on the desktop.

Also see How to enable the Quick Launch toolbar and add icons because now that you have a shortcut to the windows registry on your desktop you can put a shortcut icon in the Quick launch toolbar. Or if you are using Windows seven simply drag the shortcut to the task bar.

Also watch this video tutorial on how to create a regedit shortcut. It will also show you how to create a shortcut to gpedit.msc.

Notes on making a desktop shortcut to regedit:

  • You can also make a shortcut to group policy in Windows XP Pro by typing gpedit.msc as the location
  • You can make a shortcut on your desktop to regedit in Windows XP and Windows Vista, however Vista does not have gpedit.msc.
  • There are so many things you can make a shortcut for. As an example, I like to create a shortcut to my on-screen keyboard.

Do you think you will need a desktop shortcut to the registry?