How to find a folder or file path and copy it in Windows Vista

What is a path to a file or folder?

A path to a file or folder is like an address of where it is stored on your computer. The path is made up of folders where the actual file is stored. Some file paths are simple, and others are drastically long and confusing. For example the path to the picture folder is C:Documents and SettingsmitzMy DocumentsMy Pictures and this is a simple one.

Finding the path to a file or folder in Windows Vista is not as easy as in Windows XP. In Windows Vista the file paths are hidden or shortened as you can see in the screenshot below.

Why would you need to know the path to a folder or file?

Sooner or later you will need to know where a particular file is kept on your computer. You might want to copy a file to transfer it to another computer but in order for the file to work, it needs to be placed in the same area. Therefore you will need the path to where it was kept. For example I wanted to transfer a Windows movie maker unfinished project to finish on another computer. This seemed like a difficult one but it wasn’t. I just need the files I was working with to be placed in the exact same place on the other computer. In this case I needed the project file, the video footage, and the music files to be placed as they were on the other computer. Then I opened Windows movie maker and started to edit the movie, no problems.

How to find a folder or file path and copy it in Vista?

  • Go to the start menu.
  • Choose to open computer. (used to be my computer)
  • Then in the top address bar right click your mouse in the space and the menu seen below will appear.
  • Choose to Edit address.

folder path in Windows Vista

  • This will convert the address to a proper folder or file path, depending on what you have clicked on.
  • Now you can select the file or folder path name by making it blue and then right click on it.
  • Now you can choose copy from the menu. Shown below in the screenshot.

file or folder path

Here is a short video on how to find a file or folder path in Windows Vista.


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