Video – How to Change a Shortcut Icon on Your Desktop

I guess you are asking why you would want to change a shortcut icon on your desktop? Some programs have really ugly icons that you are forced to look at everyday on your desktop. I know this is going a bit overboard but some people are like that. Maybe two programs have similar icons, which can get a bit confusing for some people. Well the answer is simple. Change the shortcut icon that is on the desktop.

You do not have to be stuck with the desktop icons you have as you can change them easily.

Watch this computer video tutorial below to see how. Hope you enjoy!


  • You can also download free icons from the internet, however sometimes those sites can give you viruses.
  • It is also possible to create an icon with the Windows paint program. Create icons using the Paint program in Windows

It is best to change a shortcut icon on your desktop if you have a similar looking one however changing all of the icons just for fun can be a huge waste of time.


  1. Joseph says

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