Turn Your Powerpoint Slides to Video Using Windows Movie Maker

I make video tutorials for my websites and often people ask me how they can do the same thing. I always say just do it…Turn on your Camstudio or camtasia program and start doing a tutorial. However not everyone has the same subject as me and you cannot always do a screencast tutorial. Therefore I have made this video, showing how to make PowerPoint slides that you can turn into a video with Windows Movie Maker. There are many ways to make videos and this is just one of them.

How to make the slides in powerpoint, ready for Windows Movie Maker?

1. Make the slides that you want to use.

2. Click on the top left icon and a menu will appear.

3. Then choose to save as,  Choose other formats.

4. Now you will be asked if you want to save every slide and that’s what you want to do. Save every slide.

5. Make sure you remember where you have saved these files so we can open them in Windows Movie Maker.

Powerpoint Slides to Video Using Windows Movie Maker

1. Open Windows Movie Maker.

2. Import the slides that you saved as jpg files by pressing on Pictures and browsing for the files. See the screenshot below.

3. Drag each slide down to the Storyboard at the bottom of the program.

Powerpoint Slides to Video Windows Movie Maker

4. Now we need to go to the Timeline viewto stretch the slide so it plays ling enough for us to add audio to.

5. Click the tiny arrow next to storyboard and you will see a drop down arrow.

6. Choose Timeline.

Powerpoint Slides into timeline

7. Select a slide and drag the end of it to stratch it… An arrow will appear when you do it..

8. Do the same to all of the slides. Some slides might need to be longer than others.

How to add audio to the PowerPoint slides in Windows Movie maker:

This tutorial could go on forever so you will have to watch the video to see how to add the audio to the video…

I have an example video that I have made using this method. It was not easy to try and talk and get the timing right, however this was my first try… Just give it a go..