Convert AVI movie format to mpeg, DVD disc using Any video converter

I usually store my movies as AVI format and do not use the original discs as they are so easily damaged. However when you go on holidays and take your movies with you to watch, some DVD players will not play AVI movies. This is extremely annoying but if you want to watch your movie in the dvd player you have to convert it back to dvd mpeg format. The easiest way to convert your AVI movie to Mpeg to put on a DVD disc is to use a full version of Nero. However if you do not have Nero you can download Any Video Converter.

To see more details about Any Video Converter.

Why Won’t my DVD Player play a movie that is AVI format?

Your dvd player may not be equipped to read this file format. An AVI has been highly compressed which makes it hard to read for some dvd players. It may be an older type DVD player or it could be a newer one that just doesn’t include these features.

What kind of dvd player should I buy so it will play AVI video format?

All dvd player will play a .mpg video file however you want your dvd player to read AVI, DIVX, and so on. When you go into a store to buy a dvd player, unfortunately the salesperson does not always know what the dvd player is capable of. Therefore I do suggest you take a disc with a few AVI movies on it and test it before you buy. If your machine can play AVI movies then you can store at least 6 movies on one DVD disc.

How to convert an AVI movie to Mpeg for a DVD disc?

  1. Open Any Video Converter. See the screenshot below. On the first screen that appears it has the instructions.
  2. First click on Add Video. Browse for the AVI movie that you wish to convert to mpeg, DVD.

  1. Go to the right of the screen and you will see the profile box as shown in the screen shot below. This is where you choose what video format you want your movie to become when you have finished converting it. (NTSC is for the USA and PAL is for Australia)
  2. Press on the drop down arrow to see your choices.
  3. Below I have chosen DVD Video PAL Movie (*.mpg)

See the screen shot below. See I have added my movie, made sure it is ticked so it will convert to the profile I have chosen on the right. You can also preview the movie by pressing the play button. Also in the right bottom corner the details of the movies are shown. This way you can see the size the video will become. If you change the profile the details below will change accordingly.

See the screen shot below. I have now pressed convert and the process has started.


  1. Pierre says

    I was wondering why my friends can’t play the burned CDs and DVDs I gave them. I didn’t really know about .avi and that some players can’t read it and ” All dvd player will play a .mpg video file… ” until today. Now I will try converting .avi to .mpg first before I will burn them to a CD using Nero 8. I hope it will work. Thank you very much!

    • says

      Yes I have had this question many times over the years. In the old days the dvd players were very fussy and sometimes just didn’t like the type of dvd disc you were using… Then the format of the movie was the next issue. Some were not .avi compatible and presumably most were meant to play .mpeg files…This is not always the case….

      As long as the dvd player accepted the dvd disc I would burn the .mpeg file as a data file and not a movie file. So you should try creating a data disc and not a movie dvd disc. This sometimes worked for me. Let me know how you go.