Not getting Any Sound in My PC, What Can I Do?

no sound

You turn on your computer with the intention to listen to some great music or to a watch a super hit movie of the latest release, but suddenly your hope starts to fade away as you realize your computer is not producing any sound! Well, this can happen occasionally and there could be several reasons … [Continue reading]

Cannot Delete Spam Emails From Windows Live Mail

Cannot delete spam emails from Windows Live Mail

Are you having a problem with your spam emails in Windows Live Mail. I did.I try very hard to control spam emails and I like to keep my inbox clean and tidy. The problem I had was when I tried to delete spam email from windows Live mail, even if the emails were already in the actual … [Continue reading]

Open The System Recovery Options Menu Without An OS Disc

If you just can't find your operating system disc and your computer can be accessed, then you can also open the system recovery options menu from within your computer.You will need to restart your computer so it is best to make sure there are no discs in the drives or USB connected. Open The … [Continue reading]

19 Most Useful Windows Computer Tips and Tricks


Here is a list of the most useful computer tips and tricks that I am sure everyone will enjoy. There are computer tips for both beginners and advanced users. If you have your own awesome computer tip then please share it in the comment section below. Computer Tips And Tricks For Windows … [Continue reading]

Safely Remove Hardware Device Still In Use


It is simply annoying when you go to safely remove hardware from your computer but the computer says it is still in use! What? You have finished transferring files to your USB drive and nothing seems to be open, but you still can't safely remove hardware. Hardware Device Still In Use Message … [Continue reading]

How To Fix BOOTMGR is Missing Errors in Windows 7

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If you are seeing a BOOTMGR is missing error then you must be using either a Windows 7 operating system or Windows Vista. Earlier versions of Windows use NTLDR so in that case you might see an error message saying the NTLDR is missing.Fixing the BOOTMGR is missing error also involves using … [Continue reading]

Enable Quick Removal For USB External Devices


Now days we love to connect devices to our computers and laptops to transfer files to and from portable devices. This is very handy, but when you go to remove something like a small USB flash drive, sometimes it can be an annoying process.The recommended way to remove an external device from … [Continue reading]

The Heartbleed Bug Explained


We all strive to protect our computers and our precious information from evil hackers and in order to do so, we have to keep up with new threats. This particular threat is hacking popular websites in order to gain users secret information. In the second week of April 2014, Information Technology … [Continue reading]