Computer Devices And Components Quiz

computer tips and tricks quiz

This computer is basically about wires, cables, devices and connections. Some of these question might be very easy and obvious while other might try to trick you. Good luck with the quiz.If you like this quiz then make sure you check out the entire collection of quizzes. … [Continue reading]

How To Use Google Groups

Use Google Groups

One of the best ways to keep in touch with friends, family, colleagues, and like-minded people is to use Google groups. Google groups provide a simple email or Web-based interface to discussion, whether it’s the occasional posting or hundreds of messages a day. In this article, we’ll show you how to … [Continue reading]

How Backup Data Services Can Save You Thousands

backup data services save you money

You probably already know that backup data services can save you thousands of dollars—so why aren’t you using them already? Are you hoping that you’ll have the one disk drive on Earth that will never fail? Or are you thinking that you’ve already done a good enough job backing up your data? Here are … [Continue reading]

Keep Your Windows Desktop Organized

Keep your Windows Desktop Organized with labeled wallpaper

Keeping your Windows desktop organized can be quite a hassle. On one hand, you want to keep it neat. On the other hand, you want to fill it with icons so that you can quickly get to your most used programs and documents. Using one simple trick, we’ll show you how to accomplish both goals at the same … [Continue reading]

Two Ways To Run Windows From Within Linux

Run Windows From Within Linux using VirtualBox Virtualization

No matter how much we love Linux, we all must run Windows and Windows applications sometimes--so here are two easy ways to run Windows from within Linux.Run Windows From Within Linux Using Full Virtualization The most common and most reliable way to run Windows from within Linux is using full … [Continue reading]

Get Help: How To Make A Linux Bug Report

Linux Bug Report software

Writing a Linux bug report is usually the quickest way to get your problems fixed and, as a bonus, it also helps save every other Linux user from experiencing the same bug you encountered. Here’s how you can discover what’s wrong with Linux and write a bug report to help get it fixed.Linux … [Continue reading]