Basic Excel Formulas – Multiply Numbers In Excel


Excel is a wonderful numbers tool, if you know how to use it. This software can do all sorts of amazing calculations but you need to know how to use the formulas. For example I preciously you can add, subtract, divide, multiply numbers, and so much more. In this article I will show you how to just … [Continue reading]

Transferring Pictures From Mobile Phone To Computer

Apple iphone apps

It's safe to say that the days of the tripod and camera with the hood over it are nearing an end, thanks in part to the clarity and definition of cell phone cameras. It's hard to find anybody that leaves home without their mobile phones and thus rarely a moment occurs in life that isn't captured … [Continue reading]

How To See What Files Are Shared Windows Seven

show file sharing status

If you're wondering what files you have allowed to be shared from your computer then Windows Seven has made it easy to see these details. Here is a quick tutorial showing what files are shared windows 7.See What Files Are Shared In Windows Seven1. Navigate to your user folder just as an … [Continue reading]

Remote Desktop Shortcut Missing From Accessories Menu

create remote desktop shortcut

When you go to start remote desktop, sometimes you will find that the remote desktop shortcut is missing from the Accessories folder in the Windows start menu.It is very simple to replace when you follow these step by step instructions below. 1.  Go to the C:\Windows\System32 folder and look … [Continue reading]

How To Change Your Computer’s Network Location

change network location

It is usually easy to change your network location type. You simply go to the control panel, then the network and sharing center, then click on the network type to see options to change. But sometimes the option to change your network location is greyed out. Other times you can still click on it but … [Continue reading]

How To Change Your Workgroup Name in Windows


A Workgroup is a group created on a Windows PC to allow other devices on the same local or home network share various resources. A Workgroup can enable the sharing of printers and files. When you first setup a home network, the Windows operating system automatically creates a Workgroup for … [Continue reading]