How to share files with other computers on your Home Network

Applies to Windows Xp and Windows Vista

By Mitz

File sharing used to be something reserved for the professional office network, however now days it is available for the average home network user as this feature is included with Windows Xp Home and Pro. It isn’t that hard to setup either. Below is a step by step of the easiest way I know to share files amongst the computers on your home network.


First you have to disable simple file sharing

  1. Open My Computer
  2. Choose tools from the menu at the top
  3. Choose folder options from the drop down menu
  4. Click on the View Tab, scroll to the bottom..
  5. Untick Use Simple File sharing..Yes we are disabling it !!
  6. Press Apply and then OK

Now  you need to share a particular folder or entire drive

If I wanted to share My Pictures folder with everyone on the home network I would do this:

  1. Open My Documents Folder (Usually can find in the start menu)
  2. Find the My Pictures folder and right click on it. A menu will appear
  3. Choose Sharing and security

Click on share this folder



  1. It will fill in the name for you
  2. Then press permissions button
  1. Here you can tick which one you want. If you only want people to see but not touch the files choose read only. If you want to all full control tick that.
  2. Then click apply and ok
  3. Click apply and Ok again

Information you need to connect and share files

  1. You need the computer name or IP Address of the computer you want to connect to or share from.
  2. You also need the user name and password to gain entry. Click on the start menu and the username will be there at the top next to the picture.
  1. Go to the Start Menu and choose Run from the menu
  2. Type computername in the box and press OK (0r the IP Address)
  3. Then you will be asked for user name and password.
  4. Enter the information and Anything that is shared on that computer will appear.

Windows Vista File sharing

To enable sharing on Vista, double click on the network icon in the right bottom corner. Here you can choose to share files.


  • With file sharing you can actually edit, change and save the files that have been shared
  • If permitted, anyone on the home network can change a shared file or folder. See how to set permissions.
  • Remote desktop only allows you to take control of an entire computer. ( not share between computers)
  • Your internet connection must be running on all computers involved for this to work.
  • You must have your information totally correct to connect.
  • If you leave your IP Address on automatic, it changes every time you connect to the network. This is not for using remote desktop as you have to find out the IP Address when you want to connect. See how I have my IP Address set up.

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