How to set up a wireless home network with all computers sharing the same internet connection

Why not make the most of your internet connection and setup your own wireless home network. Now days you can buy all of the equipment necessary for a wireless home network from your local computer or electronics shop. I also like to shop online at as I often get ripped off at my local country store.

Below is a basic guide to help you setup a wireless home network.

What you will need to setup a wireless home network

  1. A broadband connection provided by an Internet Service Provider.
  2. A wireless router preferably the newer type Wireless g or N
  3. A wireless adapter to pick up the signal. Most laptops have an inbuilt wireless adapter.

#1. A broadband connection

If you already have a broadband connection you will also have the modem that comes with it. The router will eventually connect to the modem and distribute its internet connection around your house.

#2. A wireless Router

You will need a wireless router, and not a wireless access point. The router will convert the signals coming across your Internet connection into a wireless broadcast. Its a bit like a cordless phone. Read how a cordless phone can interfere with your signal.

#3. A wireless adapter

You will need a wireless adapter for  every computer or laptop you want to share the internet connection with. A desktop computer can either have a USB wireless adapter plugged into a USB port, or it can have a pci adapter installed inside it. A laptop may have inbuilt WI-FI and may simply need to be switched on. If it doesn’t have inbuilt wireless you can use the USB wireless adapter, or a laptop pci adapter card.

Steps to setup a wireless home network

Connect your Router to configure it.

The next step, after you have purchased your devices, is to connect and configure the router. You will need to know the IP address of your router to do this. Please read how to find a router IP address and configure it.

After you have gone through the wizard to setup your router, leave the router plugged into your modem. If there are any computers in range with a wireless adapter installed, they will get the signal.

Installing a wireless adapter

It is really done automatically now days. When you plug anything into your computer a add new hardware wizard will appear. It will ask if you have the install disc that came with your hardware. You should insert it and let it all install. You may need to restart, but when you do, the computer should pick up the wireless internet signal that your router is sending out.

Read how to see what wireless networks are available to connect to.

Once you are connected you can not only share an internet connection, but can also share files between computers on your home network. Here’s how to setup file sharing.


  • When you buy your wireless network devices, try and make them the same brand and all compatible. For example you should get a wireless D-Link router and a D-Link wireless adapter. All compatible with 802.11g standard.
  • If you run into problems, start from scratch instead of trying to find the problem.
  • Make sure all your settings on your computer on are automatic.


  1. Daniela says

    Mitz, first of all, I would like to thank you very much for your web-site. It is very nice and full of information, using the proper language for us to understand. It is exactly what I need.
    I have a problem with my home wireless network. I installed it but it is not protected as I would like to. I have WEP for now.
    I have 3 computers to connect. Two laptops (wireless) and one desktop which is not wireless.
    The wireless router has the options WEP, WPA, WPA2. I would choose WPA or WPA2 but the desktop will not get connected. I don’t have any problem with the laptops. I had to go back and choose WEP for that is the only way all three will get connected to internet.
    How can I find out if my desktop uses or is set up for only WEP?
    My question is, if there is any way to upgrade my desktop to WPA or even better, to WPA2 and how do I do that?
    Please if you can help me with with step by step explanation I would really appreciate it. I just don’t want to have any exposure to hackers and I am not a pro in computers. I really need your help.

    • says

      Your drivers must be updated to a driver version compatible with WPA encription. So it really depends on what network card you have installed. Obviously the other laptops are fine.

      Since WPA is the “new technology”, not all of the older Network cards have WPA-compatible drivers for Windows, but this is the only possibility for using WPA under Windows.