How Find The IP Address of Your Router – Access Your Router Webpage

Why would you need to find the IP address of your router? You might need to access your router to configure its settings when you are setting up a home network. In fact you will absolutely have to do this is you are setting up a home network yourself. You might also need the find the IP Address of your router if you are experiencing home network problems.

Every different brand of modem has a different Ip Address which can be found usually by searching the internet. For example I have a D-link router so I would type the model in google to find the ip address. I would type DI-524 factory Ip Address to find the answer. If you are not familiar with router networking terms then you might need to brush up on your skills before reading this article.

Common Router Brands Default Settings

These are the router factory default IP address’s. This means that when the device left the factory the Ip address was as follows:

Microsoft Broadbandhttp://

Ip Addresses change depending on the make model of router you have. If these Ip Addresses do not work then Google it or try the other ways to find the IP address listed below.

How to find the Ip address of your router if it has been changed from the factory default settings?

If your router Ip address has been changed you can easily find out what it is.

  1. Connect your router to your computer by plugging it into the network port at the back of your computer.
  2. Make sure the router is on.
  3. Wait for it to connect.
  4. Double click on the network connections icon in the notification area.
  5. Then press on the support tab. Now look and see what the IP address is of the router.
  6. Then type it in the address bar in Internet Explorer and press enter.

Free PC Matic Scan To configure your router, when you first set it up, you need to connect the router to a computer in order to access it. Plug the router directly into the network port on your computer. Then wait while the computer finds the router.

How to access your router after you have found the Ip Address of your router?

  1. Connect your wireless router to your modem using an Ethernet cable.
  2. Plug it into the port labeled Internet, WAN, or WLAN on the back of your router.
  3. Using the network cable that came with your wireless router, you should temporarily connect your computer to one of the open network ports on your wireless router (any port that isn’t labeled Internet, WAN, or WLAN).
  4. Turn Everything on. So the modem is connected to the router, and the computer is connected to the router as well as well. The computer and modem are not connected.
  5. Open Internet Explorer and type in the IP address to configure your router. http://192. etc
  6. Your router page should come up for you to change settings.

With most routers there is an automatic wizard which will setup everything easily for you. After you have completed these steps you can also change other settings like the one to do with your home network security. It is important to have security measures in place especially when using a wireless connection.

Once you have finished setting up your router, you need to unplug the computer from the router. Now you are ready to setup your network. Here’s how to setup a wireless home network. If you think all this is hard then how about trying to setup two wireless routers in the same house?

Notes on how to find the IP Address of your router:

  • You can also type the Ip Address of your router into the run command window. Start menu>Run
  • You can go to the network and sharing center in the control panel. Click on see full map and right click on your router to get to the homepage.

router webpage

  • It is probably best not to change your Ip Address of your router, as it is handy to be able to find it when ever you need. If you can follow the instructions above it will be easy to find the right IP address.
  • A manual usually comes with your router. This will help with the setup. You can also find the manual online for free download.

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  1. says

    I have linksys by cisco router , it was given for me with initial username administrator not admin and password is also administrator

  2. Joseph says

    well explained for non-techie people like me. Did not know you can find out the IP address of router – was going to dump mine. Thanks for the info.

  3. Tony says

    Depending on the model of the Linksys router you have username may need to be left “blank” and password will be “admin” by default settings. Thanks for the post.

    • says

      Please Google your make and model because things might have changed. They will be the default admin name and password unless you have changed it.

    • says

      Many Linksys routers use blank for the admin name, and admin for the password. As Mitz suggested, the default user names and passwords can be found online for most routers.