How to Enable Wireless Internet Connection on a Laptop?

The birth of laptops has produced enormous demand on wireless internet connections. This is the start where people need to be mobile while using the internet. Yes, the internet providers did not fail to manage the demand of wireless connections. They provided the fastest wireless internet connections to its customers with minimal charges. This scene created mutual demands on both parties putting the internet providers in the situation where they demand increase wireless internet users, particularly laptop users.

The increase in popularity of mobile internet use with the use of laptops has encouraged individuals to shift from using desktop to laptop. Not only because it’s a trend, but people have started to realize the comfort and convenience laptop could offer its users.

While Laptops companies are mushrooming around the globe, users are becoming confused on the different functionality of the units especially when it comes to wireless connectivity. Until now, enabling wireless internet connection on laptops is still in the number one lists of customers’ complain in the laptop companies. This is not always as simple as disabling your internet connection to enable it again when troubling shooting, this can sometimes be to get the internet working in the first place.

Enable Wireless Internet Connection on a Laptop

If you are among those customers and not trying to do something difficult like use your laptop as an ad-hoc hotspot, this article will give you enough tips on how to enable your laptop wireless connection.

  1. Check your internet connection

This is the most basic thing when troubleshooting any wireless connection. Don’t blame it all to your laptop. The issue may be on the internet connection itself. Check your wireless router if it sends signals to any laptops around. If you still cannot connect to the internet then please check your connection if it is connected to a server computer. Check if it blocks any identified computers in your vicinity. Also, anti-virus are today are very sensitive to wireless internet connection. You might check it in your server computer. Many people are oblivious to home network problems until something happens, like no internet connection.

Another thing to check is the wiring of your computer. That is why; it is advisable to personally do the wiring of your internet connection so that you can troubleshoot if it messes up.

  1. Physical switch

Some of the laptop computers today have physical switch which is very convenient for users. By switching it on, your laptop will automatically search for existing wireless connection within its vicinity. You can find it below the touchpad. For some laptops, it is located at the sides. It might have a picture of an antenna next to it. This is definitely one of the places you should look at first because your home wireless connection does not have a chance to work if this switch is not turned on.

  1. Check the network settings

Check you network settings of your laptop. Make sure it is in automatic search. You can do this depending on the OS that you have. Most of the newer laptops are equipped with high security measures that may block internet connections. Basically, it is located in the settings of internet connections. Browse your laptop and be familiarized with it.

  1.  Shortcut functions

Some of the laptops’ wireless connectivity can be switched with just simple shortcut keys. But before you master the shortcut keys, you must first master the where these keys are located.  Here are some of those:

Acer Extensa 2000/2500 SeriesFar right launch button above the keyboard
Acer Travelmate C SeriesFar left hot key and then choose WLAN from menu that appears
Acer Aspire 1000 SeriesLaunch Keys above the keyboard
Acer Aspire 1640Z —-Launch Keys above the keyboard
Acer Aspire 1690 —-Launch Keys above the keyboard
Acer Aspire 2000 SeriesButton on the front of the laptop
Acer Aspire 2012 —-Launch Keys above the keyboard
Acer Ferrari 3000 —-Button on the front of the laptop
Acer Ferrari 3020 —-Button on the front of the laptop
Acer Ferrari 3400 —-Button on the front of the laptop
Acer Ferrari 4000 —Button on the front of the laptop
Advent 7086 —-Button next to the power button
Advent 7096 —-Button next to the power button
Advent 7100 —-Fn / F2
Advent 7104 —-Fn / F2
Advent 7201 —-wireless key top right and then Fn / F2
Advent 8117 —-small slide switch on the front of laptop
Asus —-Fn / F2 (some models may have a switch)
BenQ Joybook 5000u-d09 —-Fn / F12
Compaq Armada Services —-Not Wireless
Compact presario —-Button on the back
Compact presario M2000 —-Button above the keyboard (antenna icon on button)
Dell Inspiron series —-Fn / F2

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  1. Dylan Thompson says

    Hey guys! So i have an Asus g-51vx so i use the Fn + f2 button to turn on the internet manually, and i’ve had to do so for the last 2-3 years. Every time i turn off my computer the internet automatically disconnects itself, and then lo and behold i have to use Fn+F2. While this wasn’t a problem before i’m using a new keyboard hooked up to my laptop and an HDMI screen so i have my laptop closed at all times. The only way for me to turn on the internet and begin doing whatever is to open up the laptop hit Fn + F2 and continue on my way. Anyone know how to make it so i know longer have to do that? Thanks again!!

    • says

      Hi Dylan
      Have you tried disabling the hibernation and sleep settings or maybe the settings for shutting the laptop lid… Also when connecting to a network you can make it the default connection. There also could be an option in the bios config settings about the fn key.

  2. Richard says

    Thanks a lot. I was having problem with my wireless connection and this article helped me a lot.

  3. says

    Those who always on the move will definitely need a wireless internet connection on their laptop. The only thing they need is a WI-fi hotspot that allows one to connect their laptop to the internet in a high speed connection.