Easy way to find another computer on your home network

This article presumes you have a network setup already!

People often neglect the obvious, and this is definitely one of those tips that has been right in front of you the whole entire time. You might not be able to find a computer on your home network and this little trick might just help.

To find another computer on your home network you will need:

  1. To have a home network setup on your computers
  2. To know the computer name of the computer you are searching for. Read how to find your computer name.
  3. To know the username and password to access the other computer If there isn’t a password you should add one.

Here is how to find another computer on your home network.


  1. Open My Computer from the Start menu in the bottom left corner
  2. Press the search button at the top (with the magnify glass next to it)
  3. Then choose what you want to search for.. We want to choose Computers and People
  4. See screenshot to the right
  5. Under the heading of Which computer are you looking for, type in the computer name you want to find.
  6. Then press search and it will find it.


Now you can double click the computer and you will be asked for the username and password. Once you have done that you will be able to see what that computer is sharing. Also see how to enable file sharing.

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  • You can also search the other computer for a specific file or folder by pressing Search this computer for files.
  • If you don’t know the computer name type “*” (star key) to show all the computers on your network.


  1. Martin says

    HI MItz,
    can you do that in windows 7? I used that way to find computers in win xp quite often, but when i switched to windows 7 i can’t see in “search” an option for searching for computers or people.

    • says

      In windows seven you can go to the network and sharing center and press “see full map” and the other devices and computers on the network will show up there..

  2. ajay says

    i m able to find other computer in network but other persion is not able to find me, plz provide the solution

    • says

      It depends what version of windows they are using….and if they have joined the network…with a network setup wizard..sometimes for Windows XP? Also it could be that you are not sharing anything…
      I really need more information to help you…