How To Politely Stop Friends From Spamming You

It is sometimes walking on eggshells when you must attempt to stop a friend from sending you the latest funny email forward…on the hour every hour. Eventually important emails are lost in the sea of messages known as FWD:FWD:FWD:FWD:FWD:FWD: and FWD:FWD:FWD:FWD:FWD OMG Crazy Cats!!! While your spamming or joke forwarding friends mean no ill will, there comes a time when these annoying messages have to stop. Follow some of these tips to politely tell your friends to stop spamming you.

Blame Your Work

It might sound like a cop out but send out a message to some of your repeat offenders that your office is cracking down on non work related messages. You can say the IT department is tracking the email messages for risque content or you can just say that too many emails are clogging up the company servers and slowing down computers…which is a legit gripe. Either way, if these people are your true friends they’ll respect your wishes.

friends are spammers

Change Your Email

If you don’t have an office to blame, simply create a new free email account and tell your friends of the change. You can state that your old email was hacked or had been compromised and that the spammers (friends) should use your new account to send over those latest crazy pics. You can then check the new free account on the weekends to view the latest spam videos or to just do a mass delete. Your friends won’t be offended and you won’t have an annoying message pop up every 3 seconds.

Block The Offender

If you don’t know the person sending you these spam emails or if you just really have no need to ever talk to them, most email programs have an option to block incoming messages from that person. One thing to remember is that all messages from that person will be blocked and you may miss something important such as an invitation to come to that persons house for a crazy cat video viewing party.

Just remember that it’s your lost productivity and your waste of time that’s on the line when friends – however harmless they may seem – inundate your inbox with trash. Also consider that many of these forwarded emails could contain a virus and put your sensitive information at risk. You should also take this information into account when sending out forwarded emails that you think are too hilarious to sit on…because your friends might be reading this too.


  1. says

    Yes when they are forwarding emails to hundreds of email addresses your email is also exposed to most of those people… That is not good!

  2. Yasir Khan says

    I totally agree that changing your email will help you steer clear of spamming because it limits both parties from sending and receiving irrelevant information.

  3. says

    I don’t like spamming; it is not an aware activity.It is a shame to do some wrong things to people who you don’t know.It is not a good thing being a spammer.So , for that we have to look for something to erase that problem.

  4. says

    Yes I hope they understand too! With technology we are flooded with stuff we do not want to see and friends do not need to add to this problem. :)

  5. Jaimie says

    I hate fowards…I never open them…I tell people to not even bother cuz I will not open them. My mom and I used to share a computer and she does read them and as a result of one of those emails we got a nasty virus on the computer. I actually tell people to not even bother but lately I’ve noticed an increase in those messages from a friend…trust me I don’t need a website to do my dirty work I’ll tell her myself to knock it off.

  6. Sarah Park says

    I haven’t tried receiving spam from friend. But if I did, I’d be frank with the person that I don’t like what he did.