Why On Earth Do People Still Use Internet Explorer

It’s not an official pitch for Microsoft’s web browser Internet Explorer but it very well could be: “Do you like instability while surfing the Internet? Do you like your browser to crash while making the slightest mouse cursor move? Do you like to save productivity by not being able to access the content on your favorite web sites? Well then Internet Explorer is for you.”

Most people in this Internet era cut their teeth by using Internet Explorer. The globe icon represented ‘The Internet’ when most people asked “Do you have Internet on your computer?” Personally, I’ve used Internet Explorer only once in the past 7 years…and that was to download Google Chrome. Still, there are many faithful or just naive people that make IE their go-to web browser. There can be a number of answers to the question of why some people would still use Internet Explorer, the least of which could be “What’d you do, lose a bet?”

Familiarity With Internet Explorer

I don’t know how it can be possible these days but some people really are minimal Internet users. For these low dose computerists, loading fast flash applications and browsing multiple sites at the same time isn’t really a necessity. The current version of Internet Explorer does have some development updates and it doesn’t crash nearly as much as it’s earlier siblings. Still, if somebody has been web-weaned on Internet Explorer than it doesn’t really interest them in downloading Firefox or Safari and they’d just rather carry on with their old habits. In fact, I’ve even met a few people that aren’t comfortable changing their desktop background so to say some computer users are set in their ways is an understatement.

Forced To Use Internet Explorer

Any business I.T guy worth his weight in RAM would update a company’s computer with Google Chrome or some other more secure web browser. That being said, I know of a few companies personally that still run Internet Explorer and don’t allow employees to download an alternate browser. They can justify it by saying most workers are more familiar with Internet Explorer but it’s usually just more of a power trip or micro-managing. If an employee can’t figure out Chrome or Firefox in about 10 minutes then I’m not sure I’d be comfortable with them using company computers in the first place. Usually employees aren’t as dumb as they come off…unless dirty pictures show up in their browsing history because in that case they ‘just hit a button and it was there.’

They’re In The Dark About Other Browsers

Some amateur computers simply don’t know that a better browsing life is out there. They just hit the desktop icon on their PC that says Internet and suffer through countless crashes and security breaches as if it’s part of the process. I’d venture to say that an overwhelmingly vast majority of novice users access the Internet via IE…maybe up in the 80-90 percent range.

They Work For Microsoft / Are Related To Bill Gates / Like Being Miserable

Just like the Coke delivery guy can’t be seen drinking Pepsi at home, Microsoft is a large company with many employees who probably sign a life contract to use Internet Explorer. I hope they can sleep tight in their $600,000 homes.

Is internet explorer really that bad?

To be fair, Microsoft has taken some steps to increase the reliability of IE, it’s just that for years the product was so bad that it was laughable. In the past, Microsoft basically had a monopoly on Internet web browsers as IE was default on most machines. Much like people will still come to Wrigley Field to drink beer even if the Chicago Cubs lose 100 games a year, Microsoft didn’t have to change or upgrade because people were still going to use their product. As the company looks to improve and take an active role in bettering their product, novice users can thank a competitive industry from Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and other web browsers for urging Microsoft to make a more pleasant Internet surfing experience.