How to Speed Up Your Internet Connection

Everybody loves having a blazing fast Internet connection, so learning how to speed up your internet connection is a must! Thankfully, it’s not a problem for most people, as ISPs around the world are working hard to provide a good service. But what if your Internet connection is slow for no apparent reason? Here are some simple tips that will help you speed up your Internet without spending a cent. Learning how to speed up your internet connection is not rocket science, as most people might presume.

Contact your ISP to speed up your internet connection

Whether you use home or mobile broadband, the first thing to do when your Internet becomes slow is contact your ISP. Chances are something is wrong at their end. This is especially true for mobile broadband where signal strength can be an issue.

Another reason to contact your ISP is to check your plan. If you’ve been with the ISP for a long time, it’s possible that your plan is outdated and you are eligible for an upgrade. Some ISPs will upgrade you for free, whereas some may ask for a small fee. Naturally, fiber internet, DSL, and T1 providers will have have an enterprise level of service, where as residential plans may not offer the same speeds and reliability. Nevertheless it is important to check your plan and make sure it suits your needs.

Upgrading might cost money though, but it is a great way to speed up your internet connection.

Check your router

If you are using a router, you should reboot it when your connection starts slowing down. Often that solves the problem by starting a fresh with the router internet connection. If not, then you’ll need to check your router settings and tweak them a little bit. Refer to your router’s user manual for tips, tricks, and troubleshooting. Don’t forget to make sure you are not out of the router’s coverage zone, as that is often the cause of Internet slow-downs. Also people often have the same old router for years and sometimes it is just time to upgrade. If you do buy a new router, be sure to check out the new wireless routersSpeed Up Your Internet Connection and eliminate all the networking hassles in one step.

Stop unauthorized access

A lot of people still don’t bother with Internet access passwords. As a result, they let the whole neighborhood use their Internet connection. The more people use the connection, the slower it becomes. That’s one of the reasons to at least set up a WEP password or use WPA encryption if your hardware supports it. Improving your network security is great from a safety aspect, but also helps speed up your internet connection.

Watch bandwidth usage

Sometimes your Internet connection can slow down because too many programs are using your bandwidth in the background. These can be Windows Update, Skype, Real Player, Adobe software, and many more. Not to mention spyware, adware, and other malware. That’s why it’s always good to keep an eye on your network activity and disable some of the data-hungry programs. If you don’t know which applications are using up your bandwidth, use the free Auslogics Task Manager to find out. If you see that it’s a process like svchost.exe, check your computer for viruses and malware and use the free Process Explorer to find out which applications use that process. I have mentioned all this in a recent article about protecting and maintaining 3 computers for under $100.Free PC Matic Scan

Usb internet connection devices

We all know that the best way to speed up your internet connection is to get the right internet connection in the first place. Setting up your home network is the place to start. Even though a Gigabyte Ethernet involves wires, many connection errors stem from wireless internet connection problems. Obviously USB internet connection devices do not have good signals and often drop out. They are even worse than wireless home networking, therefore I strongly suggest you only use USB internet connections when you are out and about and keep the fast connections for home and office use.

I have two prepaid wireless internet connection devices and I often have to move around to get a decent connection. Luckily when I go home I have a fast internet connection to work with.

Find your ideal browser

And last but not least, to speed up your internet connection, simply find the browser that works for you. Generally speaking, Chrome and Firefox are faster than Internet Explorer. But a lot depends on your computer configuration and Internet connection plan. Some people are Chrome fans and some prefer using a less-known browser, like Safari for Windows.

Internet connection speed test

Most users can feel their internet connection slowly getting worse and rely on this to know if the connection speed has dithered away or not. However there are many free internet connection speed tests online to see how fast your internet connection really is. This is the best way to tell if your internet connection speed has diminished.

What software do you have running?

People often start their computers and program automatically run. Some software can hog your internet connection without you even knowing it. For example Skype can slow down your internet and also games like World of Warcraft. Maybe another computer in your house is using software or even watching a movie over the internet? Maybe your internet connection is fast but getting used up by something else?

Tweak MTU and RWIN settings

When it comes to Internet connection settings, Windows uses the one-size-fits-all approach. This means that it uses general presets that work for all computers rather than using optimized settings for a particular type of Internet connection. As a result, your Internet connection is usually significantly slower than it can be. That’s why you should tweak advanced Internet connection settings, like MTU, TCP/IP and RWIN. Applying these tweaks manually is not as easy as cleaning up Temporary Internet Files and requires advanced technical knowledge. But there are free tools that can do the job for you – One is Auslogics Internet Optimizer which is also included with Boostspeed. This program works on all versions of Windows. Personally, I like the Auslogics’ tool better because it can optimize all the settings automatically – all you need to do is specify your Internet connection type and let the program do all the work.

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    Great tips Bobby! I definitely need to write down my details for my router. I cannot keep track of all my passwords! :)

  2. Mahmoud Mounir says

    very good tips, and you forgot to mention that good download manager is required for speed up download speed, and i would recommended IDM of-course, and you have to update your router software regulary, thank you so much for such very helpful tips :)

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    Great tips. I’ll call my ISP after the weekend, would be nice if I can get a free upgrade. This internet speed is from the stone age.

    And I would like to add to the Browser part. Also don’t have too many tabs open at the same time because it will decrease your speed severely.