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This site accepts guests posts from other bloggers and website owners. But we take pride in our website and all articles published need to follow our guidelines.

Google’s Rules

No one is clear what the real rules are for Google so I am guessing here. (I have been penalised for passing page rank in the past so..) All links in the posts and comments are nofollow so not to pass page rank. Any links in the editorial section could be dofollow but are not at the moment on this site.

Quality Submissions ONLY

*We only accept content over 700 words. We are not an article directory! 400 word articles are not acceptable.

*Correct grammatical errors and spelling on the article before you submit.

*Read through some posts on this website to get an idea of what we expect.

*Is your article complete? Have you the covered the subject entirely?

* Is this the best this post can possibly be on this topic? Have you researched the topic? Reliable references are good.

* Is the post relevant to the audience of the of this website? No promotional articles.

* Is it original and not be posted on the internet anywhere else? Duplicate content will be removed.

*Tech talk can get boring for some. Be interesting. Use a great metaphor, or tell a compelling story that will relate to the steps you are about to teach..

* I think it is OK to provide great content but not for SEO.

Formatting the Article

* SEO Title, description, and tags.

* Header(s) and sub-header(s). eg.

* Bullets or numbers.

* Hyperlinks to external sources or sites to a minimum and only as a valuable reference.

* Include screen shots or one photo to support your tutorial. Formatted to 400 wide before uploading and complete with alt tags.

*If you have formatted your post correctly, including SEO titles, descriptions and tags, you post will be approved faster.

* Author bio.

Come Back and Interact

* Respond to comments made by the readers of the blog you’re guesting on. After all it’s your gig. If you do not respond to comments your account will be revoked.

* Promote via social networks, much the same as you’d promote your own stuff. Put it in your newsletter and show your readers that others value your writing.

* Connect with commenters online and continue to build the relationship started on your guest post.

* Write a post on your own blog or website following the topic you started in your guest post and link to it, offering more traffic to the blogger who’s giving you real estate space.


* The old saying goes, “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.” Rejection does not mean “no”, it mean’s “fix it”.


  1. Make sure you have read the points above! I do not accept 500 or 600 word articles but you would know that if you have read the details above.
  2. Do not ask me if I accept guest posts because I do but they have to be FANTASTIC!
  3. Just send me the article in Word format and we will see.
  4. Only include an image if you personally OWN the image. Otherwise I would prefer to add the image myself.
  5. You will receive an automated message saying that we have got your email.
  6. If your article is not approved I will let you know ASAP! (don’t send emails asking about your post!)
  7. If it is approved I will send you a publish date within two weeks.

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