Put Your Facebook Friends Into Categories By Adding Them To A Facebook Friends List

When I started to get too many Facebook friends I started to wonder how I would remember who they were and why I became their friend in the first place. It’s not like the real world you know. I have random friends that I have never even spoken to but have something in common with me.

I thought about culling my Facebook friends down to a manageable size, but that’s mean. Who would I choose to boot out? I couldn’t handle getting asked “why aren’t we friends anymore?” OMG I am glad this is not a face to face friend saying this to me. Anyway, just because these people are not in my real life and will not be invited to a BBQ at my house, unfriending them could still hurt their feelings. Therefore I decided to put my friends into categories by adding them to a particular list on Facebook.

How to add a Facebook friend to a list to categorize them?

Sorry if this sounds like herding cattle, or turning your friends into numbers, some things just must be done.

1.  When you find a new friend and click on “Add as a friend” a box will appear. See below.

facebook friend category list

2.  Click on the Add to list button and a drop down menu will appear.

3.  If you do not have any friend lists then it will ask you to create one.

4.  If you have lists you can simply click on one to add this new friend to it.

5.  Click on Add a personal message to write a quick note to the person to let them know why you are requesting to be their friend.

6.  Now click on the Send Request.

7.  If this person accepts your friend request they will be added to the friend list you chose earlier.

8.  If they do not accept your friend request nothing will happen.

Watch this video showing how to put Facebook friends into lists


  1. Ron says

    I try to put all my friends into at least one friend category so that I can apply different filters to my posts and photo albums to limit or allow access on a category-by-category basis. How can I search for and display any friends who are not assigned to any of my categories?

  2. Adam says

    got a question. Do my friends see when I add them to a list later on? Once I received a notification that I was added to a list called “Exchange friends” or sth like that. What I mean here is that I wanna create a group of friends called ‘potentials’ and put there all potentially approachable chicks I meet. But if they see this, it may spoil the whole thing.
    Help me out pls,