Chat in a bigger chat box on Facebook

Chatting on Facebook is inevitable, especially when you have a large friends list. Each time you sign into Facebook a friend tries to chat with you. Hopefully it is one of your top Facebook friends and not one you are trying to avoid.

Below is a screenshot of my Facebook account when I am signed in. At this point if anyone sees me online they could possibly start up a chat session with me.

This is fine, however the usual chat area on Facebook is very small and sometimes a bit confusing to keep up with what people are saying.

signed into Facebook

How to start chatting in a bigger chat box on Facebook.

1. When you are signed into Facebook, go to the bottom, right hand corner to see this Chat bar. It shows a green light that means there are three people I know online available to chat.  See the screenshot below.

2. To start chatting on Facebook simply click on the persons name. See the screenshot below.

start facebook chat session

3. Type in what you want to say. See the screenshot above.

4. To chat in a bigger window, go down to the settings icon in the bottom right corner.

5. When the menu pops up choose chat from desktop.

facebook chat in bigger window

This allows you to chat your your Facebook friends from your desktop, not in this small little box.