A Good Old Facebook Block Party

If you’ve ever heard of buyer’s remorse after you buy a refrigerator, I think I’ve developed a case of blocker’s regret lately. Like everybody, I have Facebook friends who are annoying, complain-y, overactive, and all around lame. My news feed was blown up every day by Zynga Bingo requests, way too detailed accounts of that days lunch, and arguments that it’s too hot…even though it’s the middle of summer and it’s supposed to be hot. I finally took my sensei’s advice and showed initiative by blocking these people but immediately I felt bad. Would the news of my blocking them surface? What do I tell them when they ask why I left Facebook? How do I fake my way through a conversation about what they had for lunch when I see them face-to-face? I had to know if I could block somebody on Facebook without them knowing it.
”I have enough awkward conversations in life without having one about Facebook blocking”

What Is Facebook Blocking?

When you choose to block somebody on Facebook, it’s as if your account becomes invisible to him or her. They won’t be able to search for your profile, see comments you’ve written or interact with you in any way. It’s as if there’s a person out there named Carl Tillertinkertonfield…does he even exist or does he just not have Facebook? If you block somebody but have mutual friends, your comment will appear from the ambiguous “Facebook User” so it doesn’t appear like your mutual friend is going clinically insane and having a conversation with themselves. Also, you won’t disappear like Michael J. Fox in Back To The Future so your pictures will still appear in online albums of friends.

Do They Know You’ve Blocked Them?

Luckily, the Facebook support team doesn’t distribute an email that says “Congratulations, You’ve Been Blocked!” Instead, you’ll just slowly fade into obscurity without them knowing. If they’re constant stalkers who check out your profile on a daily basis, they’ll know sooner or later but it will just appear as if you’ve left Facebook for some “me time.”

How To Block Somebody On Facebook?

Blocking somebody on Facebook is just as easy and almost as demeaning as squashing a bug. Unfortunately, some constant Bubble Safari requestors or law enforcement agents posing as ‘cool’ leave you no choice.

How to block someone on Facebook

1. To block a person go into your account by clicking on your name in the upper right hand corner. You will see a menu appear.

2. Next go to privacy settings.

block people

3. Then click on blocked people and apps.

3. Now proceed to manage blocking and you’ll see a search bar where you can enter the name or email of people you want to ban from your e-life. In this section you can also unblock people after the remorse and guilt has become too much to bear.

”What the hell is a bubble safari anyway?”

Alternatives To Blocking

Alternatives to blocking – The Chicago Bears offensive line practices this on a weekly basis. Blocking a person on Facebook is akin to entering the witness relocation program of social networking. When you block somebody then unblock him or her, you’ll have to send a new friend request. You’ll also have some explaining to do if the blocked person finds out about a good joke or status update you made some less drastic measures that are easier to undo include simply hiding content from a certain user. When the person writes an annoying post about how they’re miserable because it’s 82 degrees in the middle of July, just hover to the right of their post and click on the X in the upper corner. Here you can hide content from a certain individual from showing up on your newsfeed. Another option is to create a list of only people you want to hear updates from, the 30 or so friends out of the 600 that you actually care about. If you’re on timeline, there’s a “+create” button in the upper left and from there you can create a list called “not annoying.” Add your neat friends to this list then drag it on top of your newsfeed in the left hand column so it has priority.

The thing you need to remember when doing a block on Facebook is that this one’s not on you. All Facebook users need to practice good etiquette to ensure the enjoyment for everybody. If somebody doesn’t realize their daily posts about eating chicken breast and rice for dinner are a nuisance then they’re probably just oblivious to society and won’t mind a good blocking anyway. Also, people need to remember not to push their personal agenda on others…unless they’re selling a refrigerator, because I’m finally ready to buy one.
”First you make fun of the Bears and now you want The ‘Fridge’

Just remember to always check on your Facebook privacy settings even if you think they are fine. You could be putting you and your Facebook friends at risk from identity theft and so much more..