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    I have just arrived in Paris, France. I receive messages, but can’t send messages via Outlook Express. I am renting where there is LiveBox, which I believe is with I don’t know what to change in my outgoing configuration … tried all the above suggestions. Still, the messages won’t send.

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      Open up a hotmail account or a Gmail account to use so you do not have to change your settings in Outlook express. This is the quickest option that I can give you. You can also divert your e-mails that come into Outlook express straight to your temporary account by setting up a message rule. This article is about setting up a message rule for an auto e-mail, but you can use it to forward the message to your new temporary account. Hope this helps. :)

  2. ken mcalpine says

    to whom it may concern,

    sorry i need to know incoming mail server: ?
    outgoing mail server: ?

    so i can ring telstra and organise the rest of the stuff i had to do and it will work again sending the emails

    ken mcalpine

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      Hi there I do not give phone support but for telstra the incoming and outgoing server is the same. it is
      It is a pop3 account and you do not have to setup any ports as it uses default.

  3. ken mcalpine says

    to whom it may concern,

    could you please email me your telephone number im having problems sending my emails, im ok to recieve but finding it hard to get your phone number needing help a.s.a.p.

    thanks ken mcalpine

  4. Valerie says

    I’m using Windows Mail (Vista) and GoDaddy. I primarily check via Windows mail on my PC. I have the settings correct,”Leave copy on server”, “Delete when deleted…”, but GoDaddy doesn’t sync – my mailbox often becomes full (graphic designer).

    Anybody know how to get GoDaddy to “sync” with Windows Mail 6? Thanks!

  5. Dr. David Lee Richardson says

    Just got the new Galaxy S 4G and was not sure where to get the settings. This was a HUGE help. Thanks for sharing.


  6. Ron says

    GoDadday indicates that 80 is preferred output port, but that 80 doesn’t always work and you must use alternate such as 25 or 3535.

    Especially when you are traveling… If you can receive email but attempting to send results in messages stuck in your outbox, try changing output port to 80, 25 or 3535.

  7. Marty says

    Thanks for the outgoing port number. I thought that might be my problem but could not locate the information within the godaddy site. Thanks so much and I owe you a beer! Marty

  8. Debbie Downer says

    I tried everything you suggested down to a tee. It still won’t work for me. A login popup box keeps popping up every time I use an SMTP port other than 25.