1. dirk vanderzwaag says

    hi i am dirk,and i like to have an account and email address with google using the new one instead of the old one,i do almost nothing about computers,i tried it while ago,but i think ;i made mistakes and could not get it fixed,is it free to have an account with google,maybe you are asble to explain something to me,which would be very nice,i am an older retired guy, who likes to look into a lot of stuff on the websites.thank you anyway.dirk

  2. Linda says

    Thank you for providing detailed steps. I wanted to use the Read Receipt feature but I was not able to do that in Gmail. Hope with out look I am able to do it.

  3. Mac says

    Thank your providing the detailed tutorial on setting up gmail in outlook. I liked many of the features in outlook but was not able to setup an account in it. I found this post very useful. Many thanks