Insert a picture and link into your email signature in Outlook Express

Inserting a picture into your email signature of Outlook Express is not as easy it should be, however it is still possible. The usual signature in Outlook Express email is made up of text. Most probably your name, address, business name, and phone number. However if you have a picture or logo to insert into your email signature then it has to be done by inserting HTML.

Unfortunately you cannot just put a picture into an email signature as the file size is too large. You also cannot put HTML files that are too large, so this is why we make a small HTML file that links to the picture and web page you choose.

You can also see this updated post on How to create email signatures for Outlook 2007.

How to find the URL of an image

  1. Go to the webpage where the image is.
  2. Right click on the picture and choose properties.
  3. Select the URL address by making it blue and right click and choose copy.
  4. Open Notepad and paste the URL there.
  5. Keep this notepad open for the next step.

How to write HTML to point to an image and make it a link

I am going to show you a basic HTML link that will point to a picture that is stored on the internet. So when the you send it in your email signature it will also be a link to a web page and have text show up when the person moves their mouse over the picture.

<a href=””><img src=”” alt=”Tips4pc Logo – Free Computer Help and Education” width=”339″ height=”89″></a>

Yellow= The link.. Everything between <a and </a> is to do with the link.

Green= This is where you put the URL of the web page you want your picture to link to.

Red=  Telling us to find the image source.

Light Green= Where your image is on the net. The URL you got when you found the properties of the image.

Blue= The alt tag shows writing when the mouse goes over the picture. Put your own text in between the “” and “”.

Pink= The size of the image

You can copy that exact code and just replace it with your URL and image source and size. Copy from the <a to the </a>

<a href=””><img src=”” alt=”Tips4pc Logo – Free Computer Help and Tips” width=”339″ height=”89″></a>

Here is the color code chart below. Click on the image to enlarge it.

email signature

How to make your HTML file with your picture or logo as a link to go into your email signature

  1. Paste the code from above into your notepad file.
  2. Replace the url’s with your own of your choice.
  3. Go to the menu at the top.
  4. Choose file, Then Save as.
  5. Where it says filename, choose a name.
  6. I will call mine email sig.HTML
  7. Notice how I have put .HTML on the end. It will be a HTML file now.
  8. Press save and remember where you are saving it to.

How to insert your HTML as your email signature in Outlook Express

  1. Open Outlook Express
  2. Go to Tools>Then  Options
  3. In the Options menu, choose Signatures, then select New
  4. In the Edit Signature section, if  the “Text selection is ticked you can write your email signature in. Or, if you would like to browse for a signature on your hard drive, you can tick the “File” selection.
  5. Click on browse to find the file you want to attach.
  6. To make it permanent to attach to every email, tick the box that says Add signature to all outgoing messages.
  7. Now when you send an email the signature will be the picture with a link to a web page.

Notes on adding a picture or logo to your email signature:

  • Hopefully your email recipient has not disabled the HTML feature in Outlook Express or any other email client that they use.
  • An ALT tag is important because if the picture in the email signature does not show up, the alt writing will still be seen.
  • When you have a web page you can put your banner or logo in the email signature and people can click on it to get to website.
  • You can put whatever you like in your .txt… You can put your contact details, links to websites, your email, and more…
  • A HTML file does not take up much room because it is just a bunch of text, instructing Outlook about where to get its information from.
  • If you are after a simple text signature see Creating An Email Signature for Outlook Express.
  • You could put a link to your RSS feed in your signature.

Tips4pc Logo - Free Computer Help and Education

Here is what my email signature looks like after I created the HTML file and added it to the Outlook Express email signature. It is also a link to my website.


  1. playgurl89 says

    Ok I have gmail, not outlook. How do I do it on there? I have tried it with the link and URL of the image but still doesn’t work. It either gives me the link or picture but not a picture with a link to the website. How can I get both? I have the code for the picture with the website it needs to link too.

  2. karla says

    Ok.. I did as reported (I actually figured this out yesterday without the color code, gee I amaze myself :) and this is how I put my photo in/linked to my site..BUT I had to put it in the “source” area of my email (click view, then “source edit”. If I try and put it into my sig file, using the above directions, all I get is the “link address” as my sig file. WHAT am I MISSING??!!

      • karla says

        Ha. thanks Mitz.

        It won’t work, though, in my sig file.. using the color coded sequence, when I save it and put it in as a “file”. All it does is copy the text code into my email. no photo or link. Any thoughts?

  3. karla says

    The text above is not color coded as specified and described in this text. can someone please tell me, which of the text is color coded in:
    Yellow= The link.. Everything between <a and is to do with the link.

    Green= This is where you put the url of the webpage you want your picture to link to.

    Red= Telling us to find the image source.

    Light Green= Where your image is on the net. The url you got when you found the properties of the image.

    Blue= The alt tag shows writing when the mouse goes over the picture. Put your own text in between the “” and “”.

    Pink= The size of the image

    • says

      Hi there Karla
      I have inserted an image into the post above with the color codes. You can also copy my code and fill in the blanks.

      • karla says

        Oh Mitz, you are so nice..thank you!! I’m not sure I can do it, but this helps. I got a photo linked to my website done, but I have to attach the whole entire code to the source each and every time I send an email. PITA! ;))) I’ll try this. thank you!!


  4. says


    I tried this and it worked the first time. However, I got a blue border around my image. If you don’t want a border around your image, in the part where you put [img src=”http://yourwebsite.come/image.jpg”] after the .jpg” put in a space and then add border=”0″ and this will take away the border from being around your image.

    For those people that are having problems getting this to work, save your file as a .txt file and then go into windows to where you saved it as and change the extention to .html It will still work.

    Thanks for posting this.

  5. says

    Hi, I want to add my logo to my email signature in Outlook. I followed the steps that you said and I created following code

    After that I save it as email.sig.html At the begining a message told me that I can save it as ANSI and suggested me to use Unicode, so I did it. Later I followed your steps in Outlook and save it as file. I sent to myself a test email but nothing happen. Could you please help me? Thanks!

  6. tasha says

    hello….so i’ve created an email signature containing a logo, and i have folder with the images and the html file…but when i go to add the signature i get a red x, so from there i have to source it, but i want it to be done automatically….help

    • says

      Hi tasha
      does this mean your signature file is working but it won’t attach to your emails automatically? If this is so there is a box to tick saying “apply to all outgoing emails” or an option where you can choose which account it will be auto attached to.

    • ter procopovici says

      how do you attach the pictures from instead of a URL web site, from a local folder like C: MyDocumentsPicture.jpg?

  7. david dicker says

    ok i tried as you sugested nothing worked perhaps i should try a jpg or bmp file

    • Mitz says

      Yeah well I think you know how to point to the image so the code must be right…The only other thing I can think of is the image format…I would try jpg or png.

  8. Mitz says

    Write this code in a text file and Save it as HTML …so you can name the file anodizer.html

    [a href="][img src=""][/a rel="nofollow"]
    replace the [ with < and the ] with >
    I am not sure if a gif works in your version..but you can only try.

  9. david dicker says

    ok i replaced the url and image information and saved the file as in your youtube demo

    first if you save as an ANSI format you get error message some information will be lost

    banner did not work

    next i tried using the code just as you put in this article suposedly it should have brought up you banner logo
    did not work

    is this specific to a paticular OS or version of outlook

    i am using xp sp3 and outlook express ver 6

    if you want to test this the index.html file is at and the image file is under images and is called rockdawg.gif