How to save photos from an Outlook Express email to my pictures folder on your computer

Now days with faster internet connections, larger bandwidth limits, and digital cameras, we all have a growing number of photos turning up in our inboxes. The important thing now is to save these photos into a safe place on your computer. Pictures and photos are stored by default in  the My Pictures folder that is in My Documents. For a newer Windows operating system, they are stored in the pictures folder under your user account.

To save a photo that someone has sent to you simply open the email and right click on a picture file in the attachment area. A menu will appear and you can choose to save all. Now you must choose where to save the photo on your computer. Remember it is good to keep your files organized on your computer so make sure you choose the right place to save the file.

Watch this video tutorial below to see how to save a picture from your email.

You can apply these tips to almost any email account. It is not hard to save a photo onto your computer and then you will know where it is.


  1. Monique Sanders says

    I know how to trasfer my pictures from my email to my pictures folder. I would like to find out how to transfer the videos I receive and want to save to the same folder without having to save the entire email?
    Thank you

    • says

      You can receive small videos or just links to videos. if they were actual files you should be able to save them just the same as you did with a picture.

      • Monique Sanders says

        tks..I knew that I could save the whole file…just wanted to save the video by itself..but I guess it is not possible…tks anyaway..unless you have another solution?

  2. dagmar says

    your tip for saving photos sent to me in emails did not help as I have Vista & it does not dive a “save” option at all. I am disapointed because with previous Microsoft Outlook I could save photos as you discribed above.