How to attach, send, and save pictures in Outlook

The best part about sending e-mail is that you can send your favorite picture along with it. Gone are the good old days of having to get your photos developed so you can share them. Now all you have to do is attach it to an email and send.

An e-mail attachment is a file you include with an e-mail. For example, you can attach a text document, a small file,  or a picture to share with someone.

To insert a picture you should know where the file is located on your computer. Most people store their pictures in the My picture folder which is located in My Documents. You must also consider the size of the file before you send it. A large picture can take along time to download and the person you are sending it to may not happy about that. For example pictures taken from a 7 mega pixel digital camera can be huge and must be resized. Sometimes your email program will ask you if you would like to make your picture smaller to send.

How to place a picture with your email

In the email

  1. Open a New Message box
  2. Choose insert from the top menu, then choose Picture.


  1. The box below appears. Press on Browse to find the picture you want to insert.
  2. Add some Alternate Text. This shows up when the user places their mouse over the picture. Then Press OK.


The screen shot below shows that I have inserted a picture into my email. If someone sent you an email with a picture in it and you want to save it to your computer, right click your mouse on the picture. A menu will appear. Then choose save picture as….


As an attachment

  1. Open a New Message box
  2. Choose insert from the top menu, then choose File Attachment.
  3. Now you can find the picture you want, click on it and the filename box will be filled in for you. Then Press Attach. See Screenshot below.
  4. Now all you have to do it write your message and send.



  1. Wayne says

    Lyne Nowell April 1, 2012 at 5:50 am. I have the same question. I deal with lots of pictures. Hotmail allowed me to put them in album and send unlimited numbers of photos in an email. With outlook my work has trippled. Also it will not allow me to switch back to Hotmail.

  2. Graeme Syms says

    Pics in the body of an email. When I right click COPY is my only choice. My endeavour is to save that pic in my pics – without any text format?

    Can anyone help please?
    Thank you if you can