Create email signatures for different accounts – Microsoft Outook Email

I really love to create email signatures for my emails as it saves me from typing the same old thing over and over again. Previously I have published articles about how to insert a picture into your Outlook email signature, however this may be now outdated. Even if you do not have a business you can still have a motto or a little message that you might want to add to the end of your incoming and outgoing emails. I usually add my website addresses, a Facebook page url, or maybe even a phone number. You can also add an image but you must keep in mind that the email recipient might only allow text emails, therefore the image will not show for them. This is not a good look so it is best to stick to a text signature.

In this tutorial I am going to show you how to add a signature to a Microsoft Outlook email, however in this case I have more than one email account so I am going to create email signatures for each email account.

Create email signatures in Microsoft Outlook 2007

1. Open your Microsoft Outlook and press on the tools menu as shown below.

2. Choose Options from the menu.

Create email signatures

3. Now the options dialog box will appear. Go to the Mail Format tab. See the screen shot below.

4. Under the signatures heading, press the Signature button.

signature office outlook

5. The signatures and stationery dialog box will open. Click on the new button to create a new signature.

signature office outlook

6. Type in a name for your email signature. In the example below I have named my signature New signature.

mail account signature

7. Press OK.

8. Now in the screen shot below, I have two email signatures as there are two showing in the Signatures to edit box.

Insert an email signature outlook 2007- Create email signatures

At this point I need to explain a few options available on this dialog box.

  • Select signature to edit. This is on the left. You can select a signature name by making it blue. Then you can edit.
  • Choose Default Signature. This is on the right and has three sections.
    • Email Account: where you choose which email account you want your email sig to go with.
    • New Messages: Where you choose what signature you want for your new messages.
    • Replies/forwards: Where you choose what signature you want for your replies and forwards.
  • Edit Signature. This is where you can create email signatures. You can add an image or a link to a website. All you have to do is Select a signature and then go for it.

Make yourself a few new signatures by pressing on the New button and naming your signature. Then you can  simply edit them by adding text to the box below them. After you have created a signature, choose a default signature from the menu on the right and set the options below.

Why do you need to create email signatures for every different email account?

I have business email accounts and personal email accounts. When sending a personal email I do not want to bombard my friends with logos and links from my business. Therefore is it advisable to create email signatures for each email account. Have you ever heard of the saying “Don’t mix business with pleasure”?

Notes on how to create email signatures in Outlook:

  • To create email signatures is easy and only has to be done once.
  • If you are still using an older version of Outlook Express then see how to create an email signature with Outlook Express.
  • When you create email signatures for each different email account shows that you are professional and can separate personal from business.

Create email signatures for each email account to segregate business from pleasure.