Windows Live Photo Fuse Tutorial

Can you believe that the totally free Windows Live Photo Gallery includes photo fuse feature for the home user? When using this awesome freeware, you can really create a great photo without having to employ the services of a professional. I am absolutely stunned at what Windows live photo Gallery can do, especially when it comes to photos fuse.

I really never thought that blending two photos together with Windows live photo fuse would be so incredibly easy! My 10 year old daughter could easily edit a photo like a professional using this fantastic free software. Of course there is Google’s Picasa which is also free picture editing software but it sadly does not include this feature. I often use Picasa to batch resize photos but for this tutorial we are using Windows Live Photo Gallery.

In this tutorial I am going to show you how to use Windows live photo fuse to blend to pictures together. I am going to use a family photos as an example. We all know how hard it is to get people to look the same way at the same time. All I have to do now is take a few quick photos and simply swap and change the best looking bits of the picture to form a great photo.

Windows Live Photo Fuse – What you will need

  1. Firstly you will need to download and install the free Windows live photo Gallery software. You can do this by going to our freeware section, or you can search for “Windows live photo Gallery download” in fuse selection
  2. You will need at least two similar photos so you can blend them together using photo fuse. These photos need to be saved onto your computer.

How to Use Photo Fuse in Windows Live Photo Gallery?

1.  Open the Windows live Gallery software. If you do not have an icon on your desktop you can find it in the start menu under all programs.

2.  Browse through your photos and choose at least two similar photos that you want to blend together using photo fuse.

3.  Hold the CTRL key on the keyboard when selecting more than one photo.

photo fuse Windows Live Photo Gallery

As you can see I have chosen photos where people are facing the other way. I need to turn them all to face the front.

4. Go to the Create tab at the top.  Then choose Photo fuse from the selection that appears.

photo fuse

5.  If the photos are similar they photo fuse will take you to the next step. If the photos are not compatible, you will see a message saying that these photos cannot be fused.

photo fuse selection

6.  Now you can drag the selection box around the area of the photo that you want to photo fuse. Sometimes editing one section can mess up another section of the photo but you can still fix it. See the screen shot below, the little girls face is distorted in the background. The rest of the photo looks good so I will concentrate on the distorted section now.

7.  To fix this, I am simply going to select her face only and replace it with a good copy. When I select the part of the photo I want, the choice will appear and all I have to do is click on it and the photo will be changed.

photo fuse edit picture

8.  See the screen shot below. I have turned everyone to face the front.

9.  After that I saved the picture and then press on the re-touch icon and removed the cloth that was hanging from the clothesline. Take a closer look and you will see.

photo fuse edit

Notes on using photo fuse to blend and edit photos:

  • Always choose photos that are similar to use the photo fuse features in Windows live photo Gallery.
  • When you make your selection, look in detail what other part of the photo is going to affect. Are you chopping off someone else’s head?
  • In this tutorial I have selected only two photos, however photo fuse lets you select more photos as long as they are similar.
  • The best way to learn how to use this program is to simply give it a try.

Watch a Photo Fuse video tutorial.

This Photo fuse was done without any professional training or skills. This was all simply using the Windows live photo Gallery to blend to similar photos using photo fuse.

Download this entire article as a PDF to save to your computer and share with your friends. Windows Live Photo Fuse – Best Features.

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If you have any extra tips and tricks relating to photo fuse, please feel free to comment below.


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    I had no idea that was possible!
    And I even have that program on my computer, I didn’t know that either.
    I always use Microsoft office picture manager. Didn’t realize that there was another editing tool. Great explanation Mitz!