How to use DVD Decrypter to backup a DVD movie

DVD Decrypter is a handy free program that can be used to rip a dvd into a file to then shrink and burn to dvd disc with dvd shrink. Whether it is legal to use this program in your country is your responsibility to find out. Some Countries allow you to backup an original DVD movie that you have bought, however others do not. This actual program is no longer being made because it actually removes all copyright protection from a dvd movie which is illegal in most countries.

If you already have a copy of DVD Decrpyter then you can still use it to backup a DVD movie. However I am no sure if this program will work in Windows Seven because this tutorial was performed on a Windows XP computer.

Here’s the very basics of how to use DVD Decrypter to rip a DVD Movie

  1. Open DVD Decrypter
  2. Put a DVD into your DVD drive
  3. DVD Decrypter will read your disc and display its contents in the right column
  4. Choose Mode from the top menu.
  5. Choose file. This will extract your DVD movie and save it to a file.

dvd decrypter

  1. If you have more than one dvd drive installed, you can choose the Source drive. See below.
  2. Under the heading of destination, press on the folder to change where your movie files will be stored.
  3. Press on the DVD disc to hard drive icon to start the process.

use DVD Decrypter to backup


  • It is best to create a new folder to save the movie in.
  • Remember where you are saving the movie. When finished open dvd shrink and choose to open a file. Open this file you have just created. DVD Shrink will shrink your movie to fit on a 4.7gb dvd disc.
  • People use DVD Decrypter to bypass copyright protection. It is only legal to use it to backup movies if the law in your country permits.
  • It is always best to choose file and not iso, as the movie is too big to fit on a normal DVD disc. It still has to be compressed by dvd shrink to fit on a dvd disc.