Convert your AVI movie file to DVD movie and burn it to dvd disc with Nero

Now days, it is common for the average computer user to have at least a few movies stored on their hard drive. As they take up so much space, it is sometimes better to store these movies as AVI file format. However, there is one draw back to having a AVI movie file. Not all Home dvd players can read an AVI movie file as it is compressed. But if you rip your movie footage off your camera in another format, it takes up too much hard disk space. Therefore, if you have an AVI movie file and you want to convert it to DVD disc to play in a home dvd player, follow these instructions.

This tutorial applies to Nero 7 essentials cd which comes with most dvd or cd burners. It is only a 30 day trial version, but it does the job.

What you will need to convert avi movie file to mpeg and burn to dvd disc

  1. Nero Burning Software. I just have a trial version that works for 30 days.
  2. A dvd burner installed into your computer.
  3. An AVI movie file to convert to Dvd movie to put to a dvd disc.

How to convert AVI movie file to DVD movie and burn to dvd disc

  1. Open Nero Smart Start.
  2. From the very top drop down menu, change the setting to dvd.
  3. Then click on the Photo and Video icon and choose Make your own DVD-Video from the menu.
  4. Click on add video files.
  5. Choose the movie that you want to put onto a dvd disc.
  6. Press next.
  7. This is your chance to customize your dvd movie menu.
  8. When you have finished making your dvd menu, you can choose where your finished movie will end up.
  9. To burn to a dvd disc, put a dvd in your burner.. Then choose Burn to…. and pick your burner from the list. My burner is a Liteon so I will choose this option..
  10. Press Burn. The process will start. It could take an hour or more as it is converting the avi movie file to mpeg, and therefore you will be able to watch it on you home dvd player. See screenshots below.

start smart


  • Please be aware that, in some countries, it is illegal to even backup a dvd movie that you have bought and paid for. This tutorial is to help convert your home movies only.
  • Instead of choosing a dvd burner for the finished dvd movie, you can choose a folder on your hard drive and burn to dvd disc at a later date.
  • This tutorial could also apply to later versions of Nero essentials. We have used a trial version in this instance.
  • An AVI movie file means the movie has been compressed to a smaller size. Some home dvd players can not read this format and therefore it is necessary to convert the movie to mpeg to be playable.
  • Some digital video editors allow you to rip the movie footage and instantly transfer it to disc, without cogging your computer up.

See this video on Nero ultra 8. It may help with this article.

Video – Convert an AVI Movie to DVD movie using Nero 7 Essentials