How to Transfer photos from your computer to your camera

I know you are thinking “why would anyone want to put photos from their computer back on their camera?” Well people do. Possible reasons could be that they have no other way to transport and share their pictures. Another reason could be that they want to print them from the camera, using the camera printer.

How to transfer your pictures to your camera (Only applies to certain cameras)

  1. Plug your camera into your computer and turn it on.
  2. Go to My Computer and double click on the camera icon. Or go to control panel and do the same.
  3. A dialog box will appear. If there are photos on the camera they will show up here. If there are no pictures on your camera the are will be blank.
  4. All you have do do is copy the picture you want and paste it into this area.

Another Way

  1. Take your camera storage card out and put it in a card reader. Save your pictures onto the card.

Where is the Scanner and Camera Wizard?

Scanner and Camera Wizard Where is it in Windows XP?


  1. xr280xr says

    Thanks Mitz,

    Yea, I know how iTunes works. What sucks about using iTunes for photos is basically that I don’t want my computer and iPhone synced. Some pictures I want to keep but not on my phone so I transfer them to my computer to free up phone memory. Other pictures I want on both my phone and my computer. In this instance I copied a picture off, edited it, then wanted it back on my phone. If I sync, it will either delete a bunch of the pictures on my computer, or add them back to my phone, neither of which I want.

    I’m more asking why Windows XP is treating the device this way. Some devices recognized by Windows as cameras not drives like the iPhone will let you copy pictures from AND to them (so I read). Windows only lets pictures be copied FROM the iPhone though. I want to know what’s telling it photos can’t be copied back to the device. What is this camera interface it uses?

    • Mitz says

      I have seen this a million times…It always comes up as a camera in Windows XP. My friend did this and it worked for him:
      1. Open Image Capture App
      2. Go to Preferences
      3. Under the General tab change “When a camera is connected, open: ” to “No Application”

  2. xr280xr says

    I’m trying to copy a picture back onto my iPhone which Windows recognizes as a camera under My Computer > Scanners and Cameras. It doesn’t allow pasting or drag and drop to the camera. Do you know why?

    • Mitz says

      Hi there xr28oxr
      You cannot just put something on an Iphone it has to be synchronized with a computer that has i tunes.. So whatever you store in the i tunes folder will be on your Iphone. You could try sending the picture to your Iphone….