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Feel free to join our forum and ask for help with any computer problems you may have. We have already solved some difficult problems that people thought they could not fix themselves. It could even save you the trouble of paying a computer tech guy to fix it for you. As you can imagine, I receive a truck load of emails every month asking computer questions. The best and fastest way to get an answer and solve your computer problem is to go to our Pc Tips Forum

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Computer questions are welcomed however we may not be able to answer you personally. Your question will be published with an answer in our Computer Tips Newsletter or the Frequently Asked Questions page.


  • If you are selling anything, including Search Engine Optimization services. The answer is NO.
  • If you want to advertise your company. The answer is NO.


  • If you have a genuine computer question. (No guarantee of an answer though)
  • If you have a suggestion about what you would like to see on this website.
  • Feedback about the website is always welcome.
  • If you want me to review your software or product.

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