Step By Step Guide On How To Convert VHS Videos To DVD

VHS videos were all the rage a few years ago; however, today you will struggle to find anywhere selling brand new VHS players. As technology has developed, DVDs have now become the most popular means of watching films and other types of footage.

Having a VHS video can sometimes be an inconvenience when most of the world is using DVDs. If you have many home videos of your childhood, or of your own children growing up, then do not fear, these don’t have to be lost. With today’s technology it is simple and easy to convert VHS videos to fantastic DVDs.

Below is a guide on how to convert your VHS videos to DVDs in just four easy steps. 

Step 1 – Having the Basics

One of the first things to do is check that you have all of the correct equipment. You need to ensure that you have the undamaged VHS tapes, which you want to transfer to DVD plus access to a VCR player, television, and DVD recorder. If you are also looking to edit videos you may need a video catching device and access to a computer, although there will be more information on that later.

Step 2 – Test the Equipment

If a VCR has not been used in a while, it may not work immediately. It is a good idea to put in a blank VHS tape, or one that you don’t mind losing, just in case it is ruined during the testing.

The easiest way of recording the VHS to DVD is simply by connecting the ‘output’ of the VCR to the ‘input’ of the DVD recorder. However, it may be a good idea to do a test run by first recording something from the television to ensure everything is working smoothly. 

Step 3 – Decide How You Want to Record

If you only have one VHS tape that you want to transfer to DVD, then the easiest and simplest way is by connecting the output and input as mentioned above. However, if you have more than one VHS tape that you would like on the same DVD, you are faced with a number of options. If you do not mind the videos appearing separately on the DVD (akin to chapters in a film or the different options on a menu) then following the above method will also work fine.

On the other hand, if you wish to edit your videos together as one long film, or add text or anything else, then you may wish to consider purchasing a video-capture device instead. Such equipment allows you to copy the video over to your computer so it can be edited. From the computer it can then be transferred over to DVD.

This is usually done via a simple USB connection. You will have to install the appropriate software onto the computer to allow the device to connect and allow you to edit the video too, although all of this information should come with the video capture device itself. 

Step 4 – Enjoy Your DVDs

All that is left to do then is to sit back, relax and enjoy your new DVDs! You could even invite your friends round to embarrass the kids with funny videos of when they were small, or that holiday you took just after you were married. 


Converting VHS videos to DVD couldn’t be easier. This step by step guide provides you with all you need to know if you want to transfer your VHS tapes onto DVD.

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Written by Natalie Moody who remembers watching films on video fondly.