How to Update Google Chrome to the Latest Version

I have said it before and I will say it again…I feel that Google Chrome is the BEST software to use when browsing the internet. Not only is it fast, but in my humble opinion, it is also the most secure.

Having said that about Google Chrome being the most secure, it also needs the appropriate attention in regards to making sure that it has all security updates applied on a regular basis. The world that we live in today requires us to be very diligent in our security practices.  So make sure you update Google Chrome. This will help you keep your computer secure as it will be equipped with the latest tools.

I wanted to show you how easy it is to check for security updates in your Google Chrome internet browser.

How to update Google Chrome

1. Open Google Chrome.

2. Now look in the top right hand corner of the screen for the Wrench Icon. Actually Google calls this the Spanner icon. The definition of spanner is “A wrench”. Learn something new every day.

3. Click on the Spanner (Wrench) Icon.

4. Click on About Google Chrome.

5. The About Google Chrome dialog box is shown. It will display the current version of Google Chrome and if your Google Chrome needs updating, it will display the wording “Installing New Version“.

6. Once Google Chrome has completed installing the new updates if any, it will display the About Google Chrome dialog box once again with the wording “Relaunch Google Chrome to finish updating“.

7. Click the Relaunch button.

8. When Google Chrome has finished updating and has been restarted, you can do the above process again and it should show the updated version. It will check again for new updates but should not find any new ones to install.

Google Chrome Security update releases for May 2012

Speaking of updates to Google Chrome. On May 15, 2012, US-CERT announced the release of version 19 of Google Chrome for Linux, Mac, Windows and Chrome Frame to address multiple vulnerabilities. They reported that these vulnerabilities may allow an attacker to execute arbitrary code or cause a denial-of-service condition. They are encouraging users and administrators to update to Google Chrome 19.

Now, only a few days later, Google has come out with a full list of bugs that were fixed with the Chrome 19 release. There are 13 bug fixes. They are listed below.

  1. [117409] High CVE-2011-3103: Crashes in v8 garbage collection. Credit to the Chromium development community (Brett Wilson).
  2. [118018] Medium CVE-2011-3104: Out-of-bounds read in Skia. Credit to Google Chrome Security Team (Inferno).
  3. [120912] High CVE-2011-3105: Use-after-free in first-letter handling. Credit to miaubiz.
  4. [122654] Critical CVE-2011-3106: Browser memory corruption with websockets over SSL. Credit to the Chromium development community (Dharani Govindan).
  5. [124625] High CVE-2011-3107: Crashes in the plug-in JavaScript bindings. Credit to the Chromium development community (Dharani Govindan).
  6. [125159] Critical CVE-2011-3108: Use-after-free in browser cache. Credit to “efbiaiinzinz”.
  7. [Linux only] [$1000] [126296] High CVE-2011-3109: Bad cast in GTK UI. Credit to Micha Bartholomé.
  8. [126337] [126343] [126378] [127349] [127819] [127868] High CVE-2011-3110: Out of bounds writes in PDF. Credit to Mateusz Jurczyk of the Google Security Team, with contributions by Gynvael Coldwind of the Google Security Team.
  9. [126414] Medium CVE-2011-3111: Invalid read in v8. Credit to Christian Holler.
  10. [127331] High CVE-2011-3112: Use-after-free with invalid encrypted PDF. Credit to Mateusz Jurczyk of the Google Security Team, with contributions by Gynvael Coldwind of the Google Security Team.
  11. [127883] High CVE-2011-3113: Invalid cast with colorspace handling in PDF. Credit to Mateusz Jurczyk of the Google Security Team, with contributions by Gynvael Coldwind of the Google Security Team.
  12. [128014] High CVE-2011-3114: Buffer overflows with PDF functions. Credit to Google Chrome Security Team (scarybeasts).
  13. [128018] High CVE-2011-3115: Type corruption in v8. Credit to Christian Holler.

You can see these updates from the Google Chrome Release page here.

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Happy computing!


  1. Scott says

    I am asuming this is a personal computer and not one on a business network.

    Go to Registry Editor
    Go to : HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Google\

    Double-click at the UpdateDefault or DefaultUpdate

    And type 0 to 1

    Exit Registry Editor and Go to your browser!

    Hope this helps!

  2. Nancy says

    I have Google Chrome version 27 and suddenly it is telling me that updates have been disabled by the administrator. I did not disable them! I am the only one using my computer. I right clicked on the chrome icon and clicked on “Run as administrator” but it didn’t work. Now what?

    • Scott says

      I am asuming this is a personal computer and not one on a business network.

      Go to Registry Editor
      Go to : HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Google\

      Double-click at the UpdateDefault or DefaultUpdate

      And type 0 to 1

      Exit Registry Editor and Go to your browser!

      Hope this helps!

  3. Jason W. says

    Hey whats up im having a lil issue with the i checked the version and it says thats its up to date however wen i try to download rar/zip files from mediafire,zippyshare and others a window opens saying Urgent blah blah and that i hv to update to continue this a serious error or is it safe to update it as suggested by G.Chrome..

  4. Bunny says

    How do you know google chrome is set to run as administrator??? also
    I find when I have opened just 2 tabs on chrome thre chrome seems to be running as 6 seperate processes on my task manageris it ok? Is there anything like task manager which shows what all interenet pages are running ???? So it will be easy to know if some hidden spyware/malware is running unawares

    • Scott says

      You will have to right click on the Chrome icon and click Run As Administrator to ensure that you are running it as admin. Also, my Chrome also has about 4 extra processes that are running when I initially start it. I am not certain as to why this…I will do some research and get back with you.

      Great question!

      • andy says

        chrome makes extra processes when opening new tabs toseparate workload from main google. This helps google maintain stability and safety. Every chrome is slighly different though. When opening new tab, check processes to see if an extra chrome appears for a few seconds. If not, somethings not working right. You can contact google directly by chrome settings, about google, send error report(not auto).

  5. Anonymous says

    Whenever I open the “About Google Chrome” under the wrench menu, I keep being told the Google Chrome is looking for updates, but it never finished loading. Can anyone please tell me what the problem is? Thanks!

    • Scott says

      I would go to the Control Panel and Programs and Features and uninstall your existing version of Chrome and then do a fresh install. I have had to do that in the past.

      Hope this helps!

  6. Cathy Richardson says

    I need help with installing PLUGIN so I can play games on different web sites.
    Can you please help me get the downolad?
    I have installed Java (many times) so I know I have the latest Java.
    Thank You

  7. Moni says

    Hi Scott,
    I recently switched my browser to Google Chrome, but it is terribly slow. You say it’s supposed to be fast so please advise something that will help. My ‘wrench’ only brings up ‘Toolbar Options’ so I clicked on the ‘Customize and Control’ icon, which had the same you mentioned/showed. I have the latest Chrome version (23…) but it is still very, very slow.
    I like very much how I can play my YouTube videos (in full screen) without them freezing, like they did with Firefox, so please help!

    • Scott says

      I would uninstall Chrome from the programs and features section in control panel and do a reinstall….the latest version seems to be much more stable.

      Hope this helps! Have a great day!


  8. nani says

    Hi, I’ve been using google chrome for a while now and I love it as well but I cannot update the software at all. I’ve looked all over the internet for how to resolve this issue but it still doesnt work……when i go to About google chrome nothing shows up on the bottom……it refuses to update itself and i’m kind of frustrated because i’m still stuck with version 12……..

    • Scott says


      The latest version seems much more stable.

      I would go to Programs and Features in control panel and uninstall Chrome and reinstall. I think that will fix your issue.

      Hope you have a great day!

  9. Abigail says

    Hi Scoot, a page that says ‘Error 503’ keeps pooping up whenever I want to Google search by using the address bar. I tried to look for solutions but there doesn’t seem to be any. What do you think the problem is and how do I resolve it? It is quite a nuisance having to type ‘’ all the time to search for something.

  10. MAP says

    Hi Scott,
    My Google Chrome is up to date. But still it is very very slow and takes too long to open any website.

    I delete temp files and cookies regularly. Still it is slow ….can you pls suggest ?

  11. Krishnam says

    Please help me…. I cannot update my chrome. Just as I enter the ‘About Google Chrome’ Box’ It Displays – Update Server Not Available (error 3)

    • Scott says

      Check if you’re running Vista/ 7 and you have configured Google Chrome to always run as administrator.
      This is a known issue with the Google Chrome auto-updating mechanism and can be avoided by simply running Google Chrome as a normal user. Additionally, keep in mind that for security reasons we recommend that you don’t elevate the privilege of Google Chrome to administrator.

      You can also try reinstalling Google Chrome and install through an alternate installer .

  12. Toni says

    It’s easy way to updated my google chrome and get latest version without downloading full recent version..

  13. Scott says


    It is all I use now! I know what you mean about the extensions but I have found what I need. The thing I like about it more than anything else is that it is more secure. :-)

    Thanks for your comment!


  14. says

    Hi Scott,

    When Google was released their Chrome Browser I was addicted to the Chrome, Really It’s awesome. But I don’t have the knowledge to all the updates and extensions, and I found here the solution. Thank You very much Scott.

    • Scott says


      You are so welcome. I am thrilled that this helped you. Have an awesome week!


  15. Scott says


    I am sure you can do this…give it a whirl. :-)

    Just click on the Wrench in the top right hand corner
    Click on About Google Chrome
    If there is an update it should do it automatically for you.

    Hope this helps! Have a great rest of the week!


  16. says

    I prefer Google Chrome to Firefox and Safari. I checked my chrome version following your steps (I must admit that I was not aware of it). I was actually looking for “About Google Chrome” option under Help menu. I am have the lastest version, 19.0.1084.56 on my machine. Would you know how to browser Google Chrome in full screen?

    • Scott says

      Awesome Arun! I love the Chrome browser.

      To use Chrome in Full Screen Mode….simply press F11. When you want to exit, you can move your mouse pointer to the top of the screen and a drop down box will appear and give you an option to exit Full Screen.

      Hope this helps!

  17. Scott says


    It is definitely different. It took a little getting used to the new options structure but I still think Chrome is the fastest and most secure browser. I think it is so key …. keeping up to date with updates in the cyber environment we live in today.

    Thanks so much for your comment!