1. Kim says

    I friend thinks her email account has been compromised as some email she has been saving has recently disappeared; not everything just a few that have to do with a certain situation. Also, when you try to Reply to her email it comes back as undeliverable. If you check the notice it shows that an additional character has been added to her email address. Can someone be monitoring her email? (it’s a personal laptop accessed from home)

  2. brigit says

    not sure which version of IE or Yahoo your using but after spending 45 mins and entering my password a dozen times I still cant find the “IP” tab(?) to check this.
    my machine is up to date on everything including(sadly) the newest “improved” Yahoo format. I followed everything you said to do but it isn’t there in this Yahoo format…..nothing about it is the same as what you describe! any hints on what to try next?

    • says

      You need to go to your account info then find “sign-in and security” section and under that section you will see “view your recent sign-in activity”. Click on that option and another screen as shown in image 3 will launch giving you all the details of the account activity of the last few days. There you can change the location option in the drop down menu to IP address.

  3. peter says

    I can’t remember my password couldn’t. Get the code to find it then it was sent to yahoo acct from 1999 don’t know that password then it says it don’t exist now well then how did they send a code to an accct that’s no longer. Then Iiam told iam hacked so i call # on line & can’t get thru to solve this

  4. Ruwandi says

    Hi..! these days I was confused because my Google talk visibility is not under my control .Sometimes it makes me visible even when I`m in invisible mode.sometimes it `s in idle mode,but every time it doesn`t happens in the same way .some times it doesn`t some times it does .some times it `s just for 2 or 3 minutes but some times it keeps longer .
    In these occassions it shaws ” Oops! You are not invisible because you’re logged into Google Talk from another client, device, or location that doesn’t support invisibility. ”

    At the end of my account it shaws “Currently being used in other location”.Could you please tell me whether I`m hacked or is it a virous .(but nothing confused with spam trash box & nothing abuseful happened )


    • says

      Yes this can mean that someone is logged into your account and it could also mean that you have stayed logged in on another device. So it could be you or someone else. You can check the IP addresses to see if anything looks familiar. You can go and google “whats my IP” to see your IP address. There should also be an option somewhere to log all sessions out..

    • says

      Hi there’
      I think this has something to do with you still be logged into Google hangouts.. Go there and log out. If that does not work then try logging out of other Google products or apps. :)

  5. Chris says

    If your with Gmail, why not turn on that extra layer of protection that is now available: and confirmation code. Some of you may ask “what’s that?”, well there is an option to only allow access to your account by typing in a verification code sent to your mobile. Provided that you have control of your account & confirm the mobile number is yours in the account settings, you will be fine.
    Another thing I suggest with this option is that when you are asked you if you want to “trust this computer” in future, I suggest you do not use this option. That way, you will always require the verification and as well as your account password.
    I hope this helps some of you!

  6. Kyle says

    >If your ISP is different than the name of the ISP that will come out from this lookup trace, then you have found the host ISP the hacker belongs to. Now you know what to do! Or just contact that ISP for more information on the person who entered into your email account.

    Yeah, except no ISP would ever give that information out. You would need a court ordered. And since anyone can just use their iPod to piggyback on all of the passwordless routers that are beaming out their internet connection to the world, good luck getting a warrant.
    About the only thing you can do is change your password and delete the easy to guess security questions they answered. Yahoo is the worst when it comes to security questions. Make of first car owned? Do you know how many makes there are of cars? Not that many.
    In general you should never use a security question unless the information can not be guessed at all and exists only in your head, and no one else knows it.
    Name of your first pet or library card number are easy to get.
    The security question is the equivalant to the password and the passwords to all the accounts that email is attached to. So imagine instead of username and password, it said username and ‘name of best man at wedding’. The strength of the password becomes useless.

    >In addition, when you enter password, system will often ask if you want to save the password for next time you login so that you don’t have to type it in again. It is always better not to go for that option and save your password; this will make the job lot easier for the Hacker.

    You mean harder, right? In any case this is only an issues if the hacker has direct access to your computer. And if that’s the case, they could put a keylogger on your computer or any number of other things.

    • says

      1. Why not try contacting your ISP..Any help is good. I have done this with similar matters and they have checked things out for me and notified other companies of the offending IP.

      2. I can see how the saving password can work both ways.. Yes a keylogger can record the keystrokes also. So your it all goes back to strong passwords and a great firewall on your computer in the first place..:)

    • Cherish says

      Gmail sends out an email to let you know your account has been (or someone tried too) hacked. But what do you do then? So I have an IP address, and a location. Oooh, my ex lives in that area. Is there a way I can tell if it’s him? (So much easier to call him on the phone and tell him to bugger off then get all paranoid about hackers trying to find out how much I can buy MY viagra for).

  7. says

    This is very helpful indeed. I never thought someone would actually wanted to hack an email account until mine got hacked once. Since then, I always practice using strong passwords as well as changing my password regularly.

  8. says

    Thanks for letting me know this happened Yahoo, instead of just locking me out of my account and making me wonder why I couldn’t get in. Some “user” apology!

  9. richa says

    These are very important steeps you have mentioned here. I always auto save my password to save me from the trouble of typing it each time but I will surely not do it now after reading this post. I have changed my password 4 times in 2 months now as my account did not use to open with auto password, surely it must be hacked. Thanks for this informative share.