Create A Lightscribe Label With Nero Cover Designer

I still have a lightscribe disc labeling drive, however I am not to sure if many other people do, because now most printers will print color directly to a cd. If you are not sure what a lightscribe is then please see what is lightscribe. IF you do have a lightscribe disc labeling drive then this article will show you how to use lightscribe to make a customized picture on your cd.

I have to tell the truth here, I only purchased a lightscribe disc labeling drive to see how they worked. Curiosity got the better of me. I had big plans of labelling all my CDs, however I never got around to it. I believe this was because, by then I was storing all of my information on an external hard drive. However if you are one of those people that like to share your home movies with your family, then lightscribe disc labeling is probably a great option to you.

There is a huge advantage to lightscribe disc labeling as once you have the drive install, there is no cost outlay full ink or anything else. The picture on the disk is created by lasers. I guess you can’t beat that when it comes to a continuing cost. We all know how much printer ink costs and especially if you want to print pretty pictures on to CDs. The lightscribe technology cannot be beaten for value for money.

What do I need for Lightscribe disc labeling

1.  You will need a lightscribe disc labeling drive. This looks exactly like your cd or dvd drive and goes into the computer in that place.

2.  You will need lightscribe disc labeling software. When I purchased my lightscribe labeling drive I actually received software with it ans it happen to be Nero Cover Designer. If you do not have Nero then you can visit our freeware section, as there is a link to an open source program that does the same thing. It will also allow you to create a design and print it to your disk by using the lightscribe disc labeling drive.

Nero cover designer is usually included with Nero Express software which comes most Lightscribe disc labeling drives when you purchase them. When you have your new Lightscribe burner installed into your computer, you should also install Nero Software.

Lightscribe disc labeling with Nero Cover Designer

  1. Click on Start in the bottom left corner.
  2. Choose All Programs from the menu.
  3. Choose Nero, then Labels, then Nero Cover Designer Essentials.


Start Designing a Lightscribe label with Nero cover designer

  1. The New Document dialog box will appear when you start the program.
  2. Select Lightscribe from the options on the left.
  3. Then choose Empty Document
  4. Click ok.


How to insert a picture, photo, or text with Nero Cover Designer

  1. Choose object from the top menu.
  2. Then choose insert and then images.
  3. Now you can browse to insert a picture, logo, or photo of anything you like.
  4. To insert a Text box choose this option instead of images.
  5. There is also a shortcut menu running down the side. If you run your mouse over the buttons writing will appear telling you what they do.

nero lightscribe disc labeling

lightscribe disc labeling

When you have finished designing your Lightscribe label click on the Lightscribe icon in the top menu to print onto your disc. Make sure the correct disc is inserted into the drive, with the top of the disc facing down.

Notes on lightscribe disc labeling:

  • Under the objects menu you can also choose Arrange. This lets you move text forward or back in the layer order. I usually bring the text to the front and the picture behind.
  • You can also go to the file menu at the top and choose Open. Now you can browse for a previously saved label design. Then you can press the Lightscribe icon to immediately print to disc.

If you haven’t got Nero to do your lightscribe disc labeling then please visit our freeware section for an open source program.