Computer Maintenance Tips and Tricks to Backup, Scan and Clean

Computer maintenance is a part of everyone’s lives now, much like owning a car and getting it serviced, it just has to be done. Computers are the same, needing regular maintenance, as they get clogged up with truck loads of hidden files. I have published many articles about computer maintenance, however the most popular article is my computer maintenance checklist. This is the exact reason that the video below was made. I needed to show people what to do and what was involved in performing computer maintenance.

Most of the time the average computer user has no idea that they are actually messing up a computer just by using it. Do you surf the internet, read file attachments from your email, or simply write a Word document? Without even personally saving a file on your computer, there are hundreds of different files saved automatically each time you do anything on your computer. For example if you receive an email with a Word document attached to it and open it to read instead of saving it first, the document will be temporarily saved in the Windows Temp folder. Imagine after reading this Word document, you try to save it to your computer without looking where you are saving it. If you do not choose where to save this file it will be saved in a temporary folder. Eventually this temp folder becomes quite large in size without you even realizing.

In the video below I show you how I perform Computer maintenance on my computer.

Of course there are programs out there that can do all this for you, which I will mention in a later article.  Here are some steps I go through:

  1. Move files I want to keep and store for later use.
  2. Delete files I do not need.
  3. Remove programs I do not need. (Ones I have installed)computer maintenance checklist
  4. Delete old emails.
  5. Delete Temp files manually.
  6. Delete junk files from the rubbish bin… Email programs have a junk and deleted folder to clean out also.
  7. Perform disk Cleanup. (Getting what I missed)
  8. Defrag with JKdefrag.

This is nuts. All this can take forever to perform. No wonder most computer users neglect computer maintenance. I like to use software now (award winning Pc Matic) as it cleans everything up for me and speeds up my computer. You can get a free scan for your computer to see how it works before you buy.

What happens if you do not perform any computer maintenance?

Have you ever had a computer that just was so slow you wanted to smash it? Or maybe the computer is so full it will not do anything, not even open programs. Well this is what happens if you do not perform computer maintenance. You cannot just do this once either! You need to perform regular computer maintenance in order to keep your computer running smoothly. If you use your computer on a regular basis you will need to do computer maintenance task more often. When you become experienced you will be able to see the signs of your computer asking to be maintained.

Warning about computer maintenance:

The task of computer maintenance takes a while to do and therefore the video is rather long! This computer maintenance was performed on a computer that has really been neglected. If you perform maintenance regularly then it will not take this long.

I do not do all of this computer maintenance manually any longer as who has time for this?

Free PC Matic Scan

Install a program to do it all for you!

Many people are still not sure if it is safe to remove temporary internet files from their computers or do manual computer maintenance. I understand this so for those people I would recommend software to do the job for them.

A software program will not upgrade your memory but it will clean out all the junk files, detect Malware, delete unused registry keys, Automatic Driver updates, and more. At the moment I am using PC Matic to maintain everything for me. This software is amazing and has won a number of top awards. You can get a free scan for your computer to see how it works before you buy.


  1. john says

    I have tried to buy your book but Credit Card and Debit Card NOT accepted and there is no logical reason why.
    I am UK based and wanted to purchase the download version.


  2. says

    I used to use one tuneup uttilities program. It was very good. But I didn’t get the new version and now I just use uniblue registrybooster to keep the registry clean.
    For the rest I manually remove programs I don’t use anymore.
    Delete files as soon as I don’t need them anymore. And When I’m sure I don’t need them I just shift+delete them. This deletes them without putting them into the bin.

  3. Dave Wiebe says

    Computer backup is important, finding out you have lost your data, files, pictures and more is not good. I have learned this the hard way.

  4. Mann Laolu says

    Please i need your assistance, the “Help and Support” section of my system wont open, its saying “Windows can not open Help and Support bcos a system is not running.
    Please what do i do.

    • says

      That means the service is not running…
      If you go to services.msc you will not see it there…I am gathering you are on Windows XP or something?
      Anyway to get it going you can try this:

      * Open a Command Prompt
      * Run the following commands
      o %SystemDrive%
      o CD %windir%PCHealthHelpCtrBinaries
      o start /w helpsvc /svchost netsvcs /regserver /install

      Please set a system restore point before doing anything! It is best if you are not sure what you are doing…

  5. Tom says

    I noticed your mouse pointer had a green tranparent circle
    around it. Where can I get this. I really like it.
    Enjoyed your computer maint video.

    • Mitz says

      If you saw it in the video…that is the video software that added it… I use Camstudio to record the screen. Sometimes I use Camtasia.
      If you want to animate your mouse movements on your computer you can by going to the control panel and click on the mouse properties icon…There are settings there to play with.