Computer Buying Tips 2011

Technology improves by the minute as times change so here are my computer buying tips for 2011. I write a new article every year about buying computers, and every year the articles are very popular. Last year I wrote about computer buying tips for 2010. This article is still has some great information in it however we all know that the times have changed.

It seems that people have got less money to spend and the stores are selling less, so we all have to be careful on how we spend our money. Buying the right computer for you is very important as computers are not that cheap. It can cost as much as a TV or a washing machine. Below I have put together a few computer buying tips for 2011.

Computer buying tips for 2011 – researching the product

  1. Go to it least five shops and look at the price of at least three computers. Compare them all and you will see which shop has the best deal.
  2. Research these three computers or laptops on the Internet. You can searching Google by typing the brand-name and model number in. You can also visit forums and see what other people are saying about that exact same product. This is the most valuable information because there is no control over what people have written on the Internet.
  3. Ask each store person at each different shop the same questions and see what you come up with. You will soon find out the truth about the product. You can also do this by visiting eBay and asking the seller a question.
  4. If you do buy a cheap computer could you think it will do for now, will it be okay to use in two years time? The other question is, can you upgrade the memory or the hard drive to improve the computer later on? These are some of the questions that you should ask the store person when you are doing your research.

computer buying tips 2011

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Computer buying tips the 2011 – who can you trust?

I know many people that will simply listen to any one that offers them advice.this is not a good idea. The best way to get the best advice about what you should buy is to go and ask 1 million questions at different computer stores. This is the only way to learn and I bet the person that wants to give you advice doesn’t really know much it all.

Computer buying tips for 2011 – when you are in the store

  1. I have already mentioned previously that the cheapest computer or the one that is on special is not really that cheap at all. These deals usually are because the technology contained in the computer or laptop is out of date. it can also mean that the actual machine is just a piece of junk and that it is not even worth the price that it is on special for. Don’t get me wrong, as I have bought computers on special before, but we must be clear if it really is on special or not? You are probably asking, how would I know if it is really a good price will not? The answer to that question is that you should know because you have done your research.
  2. If you buy a laptop that has been display stock, make sure you get a new battery and power pack thrown in with it. You also might need to make sure that it has extra warranty included as the laptops are usually on display and turned on 24 hours a day. They also leave the power pack plug-in all of the time. If I had my choice, I would not buy a laptop that has been display stock. I would also not recommend buying a desktop computer that has been display stock because I have watched people bang on the keyboard is, touch the computer screens, and so on
  3. Do not buy a computer unless it has the Windows operating system CD with it or a recovery CD already made for you! I am so sick of the computers that are supplied with no CD. People do not realize that they have do create a recovery CD themselves and when it comes to disaster time they have nothing to use. I say that you boycott the companies that do not supply you with an operating system CD or a recovery CD already made.
  4. This is the best computer buying tip that I have been talking about the years. Do not get computer buying tips from a person who is trying to sell you the computer. We all know that they are not telling you the truth about everything. Don’t let them suck you in! You need to take control of the sale and get the information you want. Do not let an eager salesperson rave on about things at you don’t Wanna know about. This will just confuse you. Also the salesperson will let you in on a little secret like “this product used to be $500, so $399 is a bargain.” Listen closely as you will hear similar statements from your salesperson.
  5. Always mention to the salesperson you are speaking with that you are shopping around. This will let them know that they have competition to deal with and will not presume that you are an easy sale.
  6. Not only compare the product you are buying, but you must compare the after sales service and the warranty that is being offered. Does the warranty cover parts postage both ways? It can be very costly to send an entire computer through the post.
  7. Make sure you brush up on your computer terms as the salesperson will be using them extensively. This is used to confuse a person and make the computer systems sound great. If you equip yourself with a bit of knowledge about the computer parts and the computer lingo, that will give you more control over the salesperson.

Computer buying tips for 2011 – what should I buy?

When buying a computer it depends greatly on what you want to use the computer for. Below I will list a few examples for you.

Playing games: If you play games on your computer it again depends on what games you are playing? If you are simply playing a game of solitaire or a simple puzzle game then this does not count. If you are playing something like the Sims three or some large war game, including online gaming, then you will need a monster graphics card and a fast computer to handle these games. The CPU Speed will be important for a gaming computer. When you are buying a computer and you know you are going to be playing certain games, you must include this in your research. For example you will need to ask the store person if this computer you are looking at can handle your particular game. You do not want to be halfway through your game and your computer crashes, because this is what happens.

Office computer: If you are using a computer for an office computer then it does not require as much power or speed to operate. For example if you just write letters using Microsoft Word, make a few spreadsheets, and e-mail a bit, then a lower end computer or laptop will do for you. It’s when you start editing video or using big programs like photo shop and the like, that you start getting errors and a slow computer. If you are simply doing office work and correspondence then a cheaper computer could possibly work for you. Just remember that if you go down this avenue, you cannot change your mind later and start playing games or doing video editing.

Student computer: A student computer or laptop used to be something that was just like an office computer, however now it is not like that any more. My daughter actually has two use Photoshop, PowerPoint, video editing programs, Dreamweaver, and more. It is crazy what they actually have to use on a student laptop now days. Of course it depends on what you’re studying, but what if you don’t have the right laptop or computer in the first place? When buying a new computer you must always think of the future.

Occasional computer: If you only use your computer occasionally if you have to print something out or send an e-mail, it is not that important to get the top of the range computer. Even if you intend to keep occasionally using your computer in the future then it is pretty safe to say that the computer will still run for you and still do what you want in a few years time. Of course this is is providing that you do not do any of the tasks such as video editing, video converting and so on.

I am sure I would have missed out on some different types of computers and what you do with them. You can ask me questions by commenting below and I will give you the best answer that I can. Let me know if these computer buying tips will help you when you buy your next computer.


  1. says

    HELP! I have 10 days to return this Floor model Laptop. 6/19/2012

    Bought For $595 (reg sold $998, sale $850) Samsung Silver 14″ NP700Z3A-S03US Laptop PC with Intel Core i5-2450M Processor @ Walmart. 1 yr. Warranty. more..8GB Memory/750GB Hard Drive & 8GB SS Drive. Webcam & media card reader/Up to 7.5 hrs battery life. Battery is internal. Sys. Recovery Media included.

    I KNOW NOTHING ABOUT COMPUTERS! Is this worth keeping? You said don’t buy a floor model. I can’t find out any info about this model. I think it was made for Walmart.

    An IT person was buying a computer at the same time & and I asked him about it. He told me it was a great deal & I should buy it. He gave me his phone no. if I have any questions. Nice.

    I found all of this info on the internet:
    Q: what is the speed of the hard drive?
    A: I went to Wal-Mart and looked at a floor model. From the device manager control panel, it had a Hitachi HTS727575A9E364 Hard Drive.
    From the Hitachi website, this is a Travelstar 7K750 series hard drive with an advertised speed of 7200 RPM.
    A: From the available inforamtion, the NP700Z3A-S03US’s HHD speed is at 5400 RPM.

    Found this Q on the web: Q: Hi! I have a few parts to this question.
    (1) I understand from speaking to Samsung that their Series 7 14″ (model # NP700Z3A-S03US) can come with different versions of its hard drive, so I wanted to know if the 750 GB hard drive in the units you are offering are 7200 RPM or 5400 RPM? The RPM is not listed on your site, and Samsung tells me it could be either one, but that the store would know.
    The store doesn’t know.

    Comment on internet: After deleting some unnecessary programs laptop works fine. Only one problem – when I’m connecting my USB 3.0 portable, wireless mouse starts freezing (receiver in second USB)

    Also: A 7200rpm sata drive should have been used instead of the status quo 5400rpm drive.

    Also found one persons comment: I do offer one piece of advice though, uninstall the Samsung “Kies” software. It was sucking the life out of the processor. Even though this is a four core processor, Kies was running two of the four processors at nearly full capacity. WHAT IS KIES?

    What do you think? I have very little money left and still need to find my son a computer for college. His HP keeps breaking down.

    Thank you in advance for any help you can give me. I’m 60yrs old and just learning.

    • says

      Have you tested the laptop? I have seen demo models that often have a run down battery because they are plugged in constantly with the battery in at the store..This might not have been the case for your though.. Also the models on special like this usually are outdated.. But that does not mean that they are not useful for certain people either.

      Test it out and see how it goes..If you have any worries then take it back while you still can.

      People have different issues and run different programs and also have their own expectations.

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    Yes, be careful with what the salesperson says. And don’t just believe his answers to your questions. Salespeople often just tell you what you want to hear if they don’t know the answer. Because they feel like they lose the upperhand if they show that they don’t know everything about the product.

    I once bought a pc and before I bought it I asked if the graphics card could be replaced. He immediately said yeah no problem.
    I got home opened up the pc and immediately saw that the graphics card was fixed to the motherboard. Luckily I could get my money back as that pc was useless for me. But some stores wont even do that.
    So check check and check again, before you buy. Internet is your friend. The sales person is your enemy.