7 Solid Advantages of PDF Files

Over the years, as advances in technology and software have made it possible for people to work and connect on the internet in more ways than ever before, there has never been a greater need for a file format to facilitate the sharing of ideas and information via simple and available means such as the internet. It’s little wonder then that Adobe PDF—a system-wide universal format—has emerged as the most popular formatting choice on the web. If you’re still unclear as to which document format best suits your needs, here’s a look at the 7 solid advantages PDF’s have over other available formats.

1. Multiple platform compatibility

When it comes to sharing files with others the last thing you want to worry about is whether your file format will be compatible with whatever output devices they are going to be displayed on. When using PDF files this problem is solved, as PDF files can be opened on any platform, including most mobile devices.

2. Universal conversion capability

Imagine being able to convert just about any type of document from any application into a PDF file, without losing any visual elements such as text, graphics or images in the process. Fortunately, PDF technology makes this totally possible. Although you will need an additional tool, known as a PDF Creator—many of which are either free or inexpensive—the quality of the created document when compared to the source document is well worth itAdvantages of PDF Files

3. The power of compression

The beauty of PDF file compression is that document size no longer matters. From word files to spreadsheets to photos, you name it, when converted to PDF, these files are automatically compacted to optimal size—anywhere from ½ original size to 1/8 original size. This feature is especially valuable when converting graphic heavy files. Once files are compressed, users can  easily combine and merge multiple files, which in turn can be opened and viewed on any computer or network.

4. View PDF files with freeware

A major benefit of PDF files over other formats is that you can open, retrieve, review and print PDF files with a number of   “Readers” including Adobe’s own proprietary Adobe Reader, which can be downloaded and installed on any computer or operating system including many mobile devices absolutely FREE of charge..

5. Multimedia and interactive function support

The PDF format supports both multimedia and interactive functions. This means that PDF formatted documents can contain hyperlinks, file attachments, plus music and movies. PDFs can also be integrated with interactive forms which can be used to import and export data.

6. Security advantages of PDF files

PDF documents can be password protected. This allows files to be safely transmitted, to be read only by those with the password and clearance required to access the document. An additional safety feature of PDF files is that they are “Read Only”, meaning that they cannot be edited or altered in any way without leaving an electronic footprint. This tamper proof feature makes PDF files the preferred format of the U.S. Federal Courts system (since 2000)  and is also of benefit to those who wish to insure the integrity and security of important documents. It should also be noted that PDF files stand a very remote chance of ever being infected by viruses, another great reason to feel confident in sharing PDF files with others.  In addition, PDF documents can now be digitally signed, another way of verifying authenticity.

7. A format for the long run

Since first introduced by Adobe in 1993 as a means for the Federal Government to archive legacy files digitally, in a secure and uniform fashion, PDF has experienced unparalleled global acceptance as the go-to tool of Governmental entities, corporate conglomerates, small business and personal users alike. For this reason, along with the many unique advantages attributed to this versatile and valuable tool, Adobe PDF has established itself as the favored format for the past present and future of digital document management. Those who currently use PDF or have yet to use it can rest assured that it will continue to fulfill  their document needs reliably, safely and securely,  not only for the present, but for decades to come.

Doug Hayes is a freelance writer for Adobe.

Can you think of any more advantages of PDF files?


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    The compression is great, those that ever made a pdf file from scratch know what i mean. The file had around 100mb in word, and just about 6-7 as pdf, at great quality.
    I also want to recommend Foxit as an alternative to Adobe Reader, it load a hell of a lot faster, it’s cleaner, and it even has a lot more functions.

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    Hi Mitz,
    As a blogger, I can think of one more PDF benefit and that is that I can get more out of my content by turning my blog posts into PDFs and uploading them to document sharing sites, earning me more backlinks and perhaps generating some traffic. Thanks.

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      Hi Satrap
      Yes I am a big fan of creating PDFs out of my blog posts and also creating new information. It is fantastic to give away a free report and have you back links spreading via really over the Internet. :)

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    I’m a big fan of PDF files, really a good, useful and practical thing Adobe brought us. It’s fantastic to read books through PC, and PDF helps us in this way by bringing books in a simple .pdf file which is useful to deal with. Thanks for sharing!