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This website is all about Computer tips and sharing great tutorials and step by step articles in an easy to understand language.

Computer Tips

Networking Tips Computer tips focused on networking. Now days every home computer user is involved in computer networking in some way. We all use the Internet, and we all most likely have more than one computer in our house.

Word 2007 Tips I use Microsoft Word everyday in my working life and most people around me do too. I love all the features it has and sometimes we all need a few tips to help us out.

Ebay Tips I started making money online a few years ago by selling stuff on eBay. I was actually addicted to buying and selling on eBay and it was a great way to make some extra money. Unfortunately I stopped doing this because I actually moved on to building websites. This does not mean that I do not use eBay any more, as I do.

Digital Camera Tips When the digital camera was invented everything changed. We no longer go to the store to develop our photos, well very rarely anyway. The digital camera tips on this website are all about using your digital camera with your computer. It could be about transferring photos to your computer or editing them on your computer.

Youtube Video Tips I have well over 200 videos uploaded to Youtube and I use you tube for business promotion, website traffic, and leisure.If you are looking for Youtube video tips then you have come to the right place.

Facebook Tips The Facebook website is not that old but it is very powerful. People are using it for personal reasons and also business reasons. This makes it a very valuable website. These computer tips about Facebook include tips and tricks for business or personal use.

Website Tips Build your own website and earn money online like I do. You do not need to be a web designer now days as everything is simply push button. You don’t need to sweat on the technical stuff as the important things are to create content and get people to see it..

Windows Computer Tips We cover Windows operating system tips from Windows XP and Up.

Also check out my Windows Video that shows a few computer tips that EVERYONE should know!

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